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Judiciary/ Dustin O.

Judiciary terms

Judiciary TermsJudiciary Definitions
Original Jurisdiction court gets first hearing
Appellate jurisdiction court recieves an appeal to a case
Marbury V Madison Established judicial review
Judicial review power to declare constitutionality of laws
Writ of mandamus (blank)
District courts trial courts of original jurisdiction
Courts of Appeal appellate jurisdiction only
Legislative courts courts created by congress for special purposes
Plaintiff person bringing charges
defendant person being charged
criminal law involves murder, theft, etc.
civil law involves disputes over rights and property
Standing to sue serious interest in a case
Litigants Participants in a court case
Lawyers Manipulate the law system to win favor for their litigant party
Public defenders provided by gov. for those who cant afford lawyers
Jury group of citizens responsible for the decision of guilt or innocence
Audience people who observe cases for interest group or private purposes
Judges Draws on experience to guide decision making. central figure in court.
dual court system system of one federal and one state court.
Federal question case raises a question about the constitution or a traty
Diversity case involves citizens of more than on state
dual sovereignty state and federal authorities can prosecute for same charges
Senatorial courtesy confirming justices based on senior senators party
Supreme court Highest court in our nation
Senate comfirmation comfirming a presidents nimination for a justice
Political ideology political opinions of an individual
Loyalties personal or political dedication to a person or party
Judicial implementation translation of court decisions to public policy
adversarial system neutral arena in which 2 parties are present
judiciable dispute an actual situation that can be settled by legal methods
political question matter that the constitution leaves to other branches of gov.
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