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Skin ROS Color Changes, Dryness, Lesions, Masses, Rashes, Itching.
Skin Color Changes Cyanosis: Blue Tone to Nail Bed = Poor Oxygenation.
Skin Dryness Hypothyroidism
Skin Rashes Scabies, Eczema, Meningitis
Scabies Linear Rash w/ lesions btw fingers.
Eczema Erythematous, Dry Patches in Antecubital space o Popliteal Fossa.
Meningitis Purpuric Rash
Itching Scabies, Urticaria, Xerosis.
Hair Hair Loss, Excess, Texture Changes, Dyes, Perms.
Hair Loss Hypothyroidism (esp if lateral 3rd of eyebrow thinning), Alopecia, Stress, Anemia, Malnutrition.
Hair Excess Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; Hypergonadal states.
Nails Changes in Appearance; Texture Changes.
Nail Changes in Appearance Onychomycosis, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Hypo-Perfusion.
Thickened, Yellow Nails Onychomycosis
Spoon Nails Iron Deficiency Anemia
Cyanosis Hypo-Perfusion
Skin PE Color, Temp, Texture, Lesions, Moisture.
Primary Skin Lesions Macule, Patch, Papule, Plaque, Pustule, Cyst, Wheal, Vesicle, Bullae, Nodule, Telangiectasia.
Macule Flat, < 1cm, Incr o Decr in Color, Well-Circumscribed.
Macule Examples Freckle, Flat Nevus.
Patch Macule > 1cm, Varies in Color.
Patch Examples Mongolian Spot, Vitiligo.
Papule Elevated, Circumscribed, < 1cm, Varies in Color.
Papule Examples Wart, Elevated Nevus (Mole).
Plaque Coalescence of Papules into Raised Lesion > 1cm. Varies in Color.
Plaque Examples Psoriasis, Eczema.
Pustule Elevated Superficial Lesion filled w/ Purulent Fluid. Size + Color Vary.
Pustule Examples Acne Vulgaris, Folliculitis, Impetigo.
Cyst Circumscribed, Palpable Lesion filled w/ Liquid o Semi-Solid Material. Size + Color Vary.
Cyst Example Sebaceous Cyst.
Wheal Raised area of Edema, Variable in Diameter, Varies in Color, may be Transient.
Wheal Example Urticaria.
Vesicle Elevated, Circumscribed, < 1cm, Serous-Fluid Filled, Varies in Color.
Vesicle Examples Blister, Herpetic o Varicella Lesions, Contact Dermatitis.
Bullae Serous-Fluid filled Lesion, > 1cm.
Bullae Examples Pemphigus Vulgaris, Large Blister, 2nd Degr Burn, Necrotizing Fasciitis.
Nodule Elevated, Firm, Palpable Lesion w/in Dermis, 1-2cm diameter.
Nodule Example Lipoma
Telangiectasia Fine, Red Lines produced by Capillary Dilatation.
Telangiectasia Example Acne Rosacea, Basal Cell Carcinomas.
Primary Skin Lesions Macule, Patch, Papule, Plaque, Pustule, Cyst, Wheal, Vesicle, Bullae, Nodule, Telangiectasia.
Primary Skin Lesions appear in Response to External o Internal Skin Change.
Secondary Skin Lesions appear as Result of Chronic Primary Lesion or Response to Trauma.
Secondary Skin Lesions Scale, Crust, Lichenification, Fissure, Erosion, Ulcer.
Scale Flaky, Irregular, Dry, Oily Lesion. Size + Color Varies.
Scale examples Psoriasis, Dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis.
Crust Dried Exudate. Size + Color Varies acc/to Causative agent.
Crust examples Impetigo, Varicella.
Lichenification Rough, Thickened Dermis w/ Accentuated Skin Markings. Size + Color vary.
Lichenification example Chronic Atopic Dermatitis
Fissure Linear Crack from Epidermis to Dermis, usually Small + Erythematous.
Fissure examples Athlete's foot (tinea pedis), Angular Cheilitis.
Erosion Loss of Epidermis (Partial o Full Thickness), usually following Rupture of Vesicle o Enlargement of Fissure.
Erosion example Lesion caused by Rupture of Herpetic Vescile.
Ulcer Loss of Epidermis + Dermis. Color + Size vary.
Ulcer examples Pressure Sores, Venous o Arterial Ulcers.
Lesions' Shapes + Formation Annular o Circular, Confluent, Discrete, Grouped, Linear, Zosteriform.
Annular or Circular Begins Centrally + Spreads to Periphery.
Annular or Circular examples Ringworm (tinea corporis), Erythema Migrans.
Confluent Multiple Lesions w/ Borders that run together.
Confluent example Hives
Discrete Single or Multiple Lesions, but Each w/ Distinct Borders.
Discrete examples Moles, early Herpes Simplex virus.
Grouped seen in Clusters.
Grouped example Herpes Zoster
Linear In a line or stripe
Linear examples Poison Ivy Dermatitis, Herpes Zoster, Scabies.
Zosteriform Lesions along a Dermatone.
Zosteriform example Herpes Zoster
Normal Capillary Refill less than 3 sec
Normal Nail Angle 160 degrees
Nail Plate Thickening Fungal Infection
Nail Thinning, Depressions, Ridging Systemic Dz: Iron Deficiency Anemia, Syphilis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, or DM
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