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Ch. 40 questions

Food and Industrial Microbiology

Name 2 genera of organisms used to make sauerkraut and list their functions Leuconostoc-produces acids, aroma and flavor--Lactobacillus-produces lactic acid so pH drops to about 2-prevents growth of other bacteria and molds
What organisms produce yogurt? Lactobacillus and Streptococcus thermophilus
why are microbes rather than plants used in many industrial applications? microbes rather than plants are used in many industrial applications-carry out a wide range of enzymatic reactions, grow rapidly, can be grown inexpensively-amenable to genetic manipulation-ability to increase production amounts
How have microbes helped in washing clothes? enzymes from bacteria are included in detergents and are used to degrade chemicals that stain clothes
what is done to the microbes that produce alcoholic drinks in the last phase of production? Microbes are killed by pasteurization or removed by filtration
Created by: heatherlvn