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Verba Corporis

Body Words

abdomen, abdominis belly, abdomen
auris, auris ear
bracchium, bracch(i)i arm
capillus, capilli hair of the head; hair
caput, capitis head
cerebrum, cerebri brain
clunis, clunis buttocks, haunches
collum, colli neck
cor, cordis heart
corpus, corporis body; flesh
crus, cruris leg, shank, shin
cutis, cutis skin
dens, dentis tooth
digitus, digiti finger; toe
dorsum, dorsi back
facies, faciei face, appearance, beauty
femur, femoris thigh
frons, frontis forehead; brow
gena, genae cheek
genu, genus knee
iecur, iecoris liver
iugulum, iuguli throat
labrum, labri lip
lingua, linguae tongue; speech, language
manus, manus hand
nasus, nasi nose
oculus, oculi eye
os, oris mouth; face
os, ossis bone
pectus, pectoris chest, breast
pes, pedis foot
pulmo, pulmonis lungs
sanguis, sanguinis blood
spina, spinae spine, backbone; thorn
stomachus, stomachi stomach
supercilium, supercil(i)i eyebrow; brow
tergum, tergi back
ulna, ulnae forearm
umerus, umeri shoulder
Created by: edyeomans