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Ch. 39 questions

Acquired Immonodeficiency Syndrome

What is a retrovirus? have the enzyme reverse transcriptase-synthesizes DNA from an RNA template,a reverse transcription
What is so unusual about the reverse transcriptase? enzyme can replicate a double strand of DNA from a single strand of RNA
What is the receptor for HIV attachment to cells, and what cells have this receptor? HIV attaches to the T cell receptor in CD4 or Th cells
Discuss the transmission of HIV infection requires access to recipient's bloodstream via cut or tear in skin-which is exposed to semen, vaginal fluids, or blood
When do overt symptoms of AIDS appear? 8-10 yrs after initial infection with HIV or when CD4 cell count drops to less than 200cells/mm
How does the genome of HIV persist in certain human cells? genome of HIV persists in certain human cells because reverse transcriptase makes DNA ccopy-intigrates to become part of cell genome
What actually kills AIDS patients? CD4 cells gradually reduced to zero-prevents formation of memory cells-expanded cell population of any immune cells--opportunistic infections can't be surmounted by immune system
what is the relationship between AIDS and Kaposi's sarcoma high incidence of Kaposi's sarcoma in AIDS pts due to reactivation of the human herpes virus 8
How can the spread of AiDS be reduced? if people avoid anal sex, do not have multiple sex partners, avoid recapping needles, use condoms, abstinence, single sex partner, use gloves/proper face/eye covering if mucous membrane exposure possible
Created by: heatherlvn