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Ecce Romani trinity

Hi these are words that are some of the harder ones for most people

Diu For a long time
Concidere To fall down
Cunti All
Incolumis Safe and sound
Guadere. To be glad
Cessare To be idle, do nothing
Extrahere To drag out
Haerere To stick
Culpa Fault, blame
Interpellare To interrupt
Noster Our
Devertebat He began to turn aside
Spectabat He was watching
Expectare To look out for
Praeterea Besides
Tantum Only
Praeterire To go past
Aestate In the summer
Aedificium Building
Dum While
Non iam No longer
Tandem At last
Furtim Stealthily
Terret Frightens
Tum Then
Fragor Crash, noise
Calidus Warm
Respondent Replies
Perterritus Terrified
Clamor Shout
Petit Looks for, seeks
Repellit He drives off
Vitare To avoid
Praeclarus Distinguished
Tabellarius Courier
Auriga Charioteer
Rusticus Peasant
Ibant They were going
Iubebat He ordered
Vestigia Footprints, tracks
Latrare To bark
Rogare To ask
Convocare To call together
Invenire To find
Timet He fears, he is afraid
Excipiunt Welcome
Porta Gate
Se celare To hide(himself)
Impedire To hinder
Mussare To mutter
Abesse To be away
Ducere To lead
Eo ipse tempore At that very moment
Paratus Ready
Servus quidam A certain slave
Incitat Urges on, spurs on
Cista Trunk chest
Gerit Wears
Festinat Hurries
Lacrimans Weeping
Manere To remain, stay
Discedere To go away
Nobis For us
Temptat Tries
Sua Her own
Induit Puts on
Age, agite Come on!
Redire To return
Tradit Hands over
Meus My
Docere To teach
Nuntius Messenger
Curare To look after
Reprehendit Blames, scolds
Observat He watches
Lucet It is light, it is day
Ego I
Adveniunt They reach, arrive at
Salvae Safe
Advesperascit It gets dark
Se praecipitant They rush
Legatus Envoy
Nisi erro Unless I am mistaken
Created by: Esbh