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DE_KeyTerms_Unit 1.2

Instantaneous voltage of a waveform-maximum or peak or pulse Amplitude
Series of logic 1s and 0s plotted as a function of time Digital Waveform
Duty Cycle Fraction of the total period that waveform is in the HIGH state.
The part of the pulse that is in transition from HIGH to LOW Falling Edge
The numbers of cycles per unit of time Frequency
Unit of Frequency measured in cycles per second Hertz
The higher of the two voltages in a digital system. Logic HIGH
The lower of two voltages in a digital system. Logic LOW
A piece of electrical equipment used to view a variety of waveforms Oscilloscope
the amount of time measured in one complete cycle Period
Testing design function Simulation
Where amplitude varies in proportion to the sine function of an angle. Sine Wave
An almost instantaneous rise and decay of voltage or current in a periodic pattern. Square Wave
TTL-compatible IC that can be wired to operate in several different modes, such as a one-shot 555 Timer
An algebraic expression made up of Boolean variables and operators, such as AND (-), OR (+) or NOT (-). Boolean Expression
A type of flip-flop in which the D (data) input is the synchronous input. Clocked D Flip-Flop
One style of integrated circuit package which has two rows of leads Dual In-Line Package (DIP)
A sequential circuit based on a latch whose output changes when it's clock input receives a pulse. Flip-Flop
An electronic circuit having many components, such as transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors, in a single package. Integrated Circuit (IC)
Also called a NOT gate or an inverting buffer. Invertor
A diagram, similar to a schematic, showing the connection of logic gates. Logic Diagram
Delay from the time a signal is applied to the time when the output makes its change. Propagation Delays
A technique of entering CPLD design information by using a CAD tool to draw a logic circuit as a schematic. Schematic Entry
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