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Logic Reasoning 14

Flaw in Reasoning Questions

same as Method of Reasoning but reasoning in stimulus is flawed
correct answer will identify error in the author's reasoning in general terms
error of reasoning uncertain use of term or concept, using a term in different ways
error of reasoning source argument, attacks person instead of argument
error of reasoning circular reasoning, author assumes as true what is to be proved, conclusion and premise both support each other, "I must be telling the truth because I am not lying."
error of reasoning errors of conditional reasoning, confuses sufficient and necessary conditions
error of reasoning mistaken cause and effect, assumes causality when really only a correlation exists
error of reasoning straw man, distorts or refashions argument to make weaker
error of reasoning lack of evidence, failure to support conclusion
error of reasoning internal contradiction, author makes conflicting statements
error of reasoning appeal fallacies, uses appeal of certain group to persuade, authority, popular opinion/numbers, emotion
error of reasoning survey errors, use biased sample, questions improperly constructed, inaccurate responses
error of reasoning exceptional case/overgeneralization, takes small number of instances and broadens it
error of reasoning errors of composition and division, judgments made about groups and parts of groups
error of reasoning false analogy, uses analogy too dissimilar to original situation to be applicable
error of reasoning false dilemma, assumes only two possible courses of action when really there are more
error of reasoning errors in use of evidence, lack of to prove false or lack of to prove true
error of reasoning time shift errors, assumes conditions remain constant over time
error of reasoning number and percentage errors
stem example "Which one of the following most accurately describes a flaw in the argument's reasoning?"
stem example "The reasoning in the argument is most vulnerable to criticism on the grounds that the argument"
stem example "The reasoning above is flawed because it fails to recognize that"
Created by: mrshelley