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Test 1

What are the two major branches of Geography? Physical Geography, Human Geography
A particular space with physical and human meaning. Place
A community of plants and animal life that depend upon one another, and their surroundings, for survival. Ecosystem
Study of weather and weather forecasting. Meteorology
Exact spot at which the place is found on the globe. Absolute Location
The Earth is divided into halves called_______? Hemispheres
A region defined by a common characteristic, such as production of a product. Formal Region
A central point and the surrounding territory linked to it. Functional Region
A region defined by popular feelings and images rather than objective data. Perceptual Region
What is Cartography? The Science of map making.
What is Interviewing? A method geographers use when examining the ways peoples attitudes and beliefs have led to the changes in the physical environment.
Scientific instruments used by geographers are____________? Computers and Satellites
Cultures Human social structures, lifestyle
Physical Geography Study of Earths physical features
Geographic Educator Geographer who teaches
Geographers test their research by using ________? Statistics
The developments of _________ has transformed the process of map making. Computers
What are the 2 major branches of Geography 1.Human 2.Physical
Geographers study _____ ______ to learn how people in different places are governed. Political Science
Define Hemisphere. Half of the sphere or globe.
Name the 4 Hemispheres Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern
What is Absolute Location? Exact place where something is located.
What is meteorology? The study of weather and weather forecasting.
Define ecosystem. Community of living things that live and work together.
Define place. Particular space that has physical and human meaning.
What is relative location? Location in relation to other places.
Name the 3 regions. Formal, Functional, Perceptual
What is a Formal Region? A region defined by a common characteristic.
What is a Functional Region? A central point and the surrounding territory linked to it.
What is a Perceptual Region? A region defined by popular feelings and images rather than by objective data.
Why do Geographers use maps? Geographers work can be easily explained on maps, and allow visual comparisons between places and regions.
Why are statistics important? Geographers use statistical tests to see whether their ideas are valid
Why do geographers study history? To help them understand what places looked like in the past,
What does G.I.S stand for? Geographic Information System.
Why do geographers use the G.I.S? To look back and see how it changed over time.
What is the G.I.S? Computer tools for processing and organizing details and satellite images with other pieces of information.
What is the Prime Meridian? A "line" that separates the East and West Hemispheres.
What is the Equator? A "line" that separates the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
What is the Tropic of Cancer? The path of the sun.
Define Human-Environment Interaction. The study of the inter-relationship between people and their physical environment.
Compare Economic and Physical Geographers. Economic- Examines human economic activities and their relationship to the environment Physical- Studies Earth's features and the geographic forces shaping them.
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