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Armstrong Science


a Lacking, none
ab away from, out from
alb white
angio vessel
anthropo humans
arthro jointed
audi hear
auto self
bi two, twice, double
bio life, living
bronch windpipe
calor heat
carb carbon
cardi heart
carn meat
cell storeroom, chamber
cephal head
chlor green
chrom color
coel hollow
cyt cell
derm skin
di two, double
dia through, across
dors back
echin spiny, prickly
ect outside
en in
encephal brain
epi on, above
gastro stomach
gene origin, birth
glottis mouth of windpipe
gymno naked
hepat liver
hetero different
hiber winter
homo same, alike
hydr water
hypo beneath, under, less
hyper above, over, inside
intra inside
ism a state or condition
itis inflammation, disease
leuc white
logy study
macro large
micro small
mono single
multi many
non not
ocul eye
odont tooth
olf smell
omni all
opthal eye
ov egg
phag eat
photo light
phyll leaf
plasm form
pneumo lungs
pod foot
pre before, ahead of time
pseud fake, false
scope look, observe
sperm seed
therm heat
trans across
tri three
trop turning
ventr belly
zo animal
Created by: Trex20