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road trip trivia

what is the science of studying the earth as the home of humans geography
what term describes where a place is compared with other places relative location
what term describes a precise position on earth's surface; often stated in latitude and longitude absolute location
an __ is an imaginary straight line around which an oject rotates axis
the imaginary line goes around the globe exactly halfway between the N.P and the S.P is knownas the __ and is located at __ degrees latitude equator , 0
__ are imaginary lines that run east to west, side-by-side with the equator and measure latitude paralles
a measures of the distance north and south of the equator which is expressed in degrees,minutes,&seconds is known as __ latitude
imaginary lines that run north and south from one pole to the other and measures longitude are called __ meridians
the __ is an imaginary lines that running from the N.P through england and part africa the S.P prime meridian
what term describes a measures of the distance east or west of the prime meridian; expressed in degrees,minutes&seconds longitude
rain, snow, hail and sleet are types of precipitation
__ describes the type of weather a region experiences over a ling period of time climate
what term is described as a low-lying land are where water lies close to the surface creating sloughs,swamp,bogs,ponds,and freshwaters?Also known as lowland that is influenced by tidal water flows? wetland
how are cultural and physical geography differnent cultural, how people live physical, were they live
cultural geogrphy is a category of __ geography (studies the world, its people, communities and cultural) human
georgia is located in the __hemisphere northern
georgia is located in the __hemisphere western
on what continent is georgia located north america
what is georgia's relative location within the U.S. south east
name the 5 states that border georgia tennessee, alabama, florida, N.C and S.C
an area of the earth's suface that is defined by certain unifying characteristics is called a region
what characteristics define a region landforms, climate and natural resouces
georgia has __ physiographic (geographical/regions) regions 5
what are the 3 regions that when combined make up a land area smaller than the Piedmont region ridge & valley, appalachian plateau & blue ridge
Created by: smileyk