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Ch. 39 vocabulary

Acquired Immonodeficiency Syndrome

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) from 1979-1981 homosexual men showing sx of immunodeficiency-had more than 200 partners each--developed pneumonia due to Pneumocstis carinii--rare ca Kaposi's sarcoma--8-10yrs to develop
CD4 cells helper T cells--eliminated-acquired immunodeficiency results--without these cells memory cells don't develop and other immune cells do not proliferate in response to antigen stimulation
Combination therapy 2 or more drugs used simultaneously-1 drug from each 3 classes used-tx effects greater reduction in viral particles in blood-sometimes virus no longer be detected in blood at all
gp 160 HIV makes surface atachment protein-glycoprotein, 160-160,000 dalton in size-binds to T cell receptor then to coreceptor (CCR5) to infect CD4 cells
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) enveloped virion-RNA, 2 copies of genome in each virion--contains reverse transcriptase-integrated viral DNA serves as template for viral transcrption and new RNA molecules incorporated into new virions for release and spread
Polyprotein all viral proteins translated into one--cleaved by specific protease to release individual protein molecules
Protease inhibitor type of antiviral-prevents virus protein from breaking down large viral protein molecules into smaller ones needed for assembly of virions
Reverse transcriptase enzyme can replicate a double strand of DNA from a single strand of RNA
Zidovudine (AZT) 1st of about 5 drugs now available--chemically modified nucleotide is incorporatied into growing DNA-modification designed so no additional nucleotides can be added to DNA-replication terminates at the site without completing whole viral DNA molecule
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