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ACT Vocabulary3

Common ACT words

abridge to make shorter; to reduce in length or power
meager lacking in quality or quantity
sophomoric overconfident while being immature
duplicity deceit in speech or action by acting or speaking in contradictory ways
insipid lacking taste, dull
tact a keen sense of what should be said or done in order to avoid offending
wary cautious, watchful,on guard
depleted to exhaust the quantity of
infamous having a reputation for evil, causing ill repute
lethargy drowsiness or laziness
engendered to bring into existence
pinnacle highest point, acme,high peak
circumlocution a roundabout way of speaking or expressing an idea
pious characterized by religious devotion or by hypocritical virtue
lampoon satire, usually directed at an individual
collaborate work together, cooperate
despairing having no hope
eclectic assorted, composed of a variety of styles
glossy having a shiny surface
impulsive spontaneous, acting on sudden inspirations
kin one's relatives or ancestors
mutation a change in form or hereditary material
utopia a place or state of ideal perfection
furtive done secretly or underhandedly
ravenous extremely hungry, famished
Created by: JasperACTprep


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