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1st Semester Drugs

Albuterol Drug Class Bronchodialator
Albuterol MOA Selective Beta 2 antagonist which stimulates adrenergic receptors of the sympthomimetic nervous system, resulting in smooth muscle relaxation
Albuterol Indications Respiratory distress, treatment of bronchospasm in pts with COPD
Albuterol Contraindications Cardiac insufficiency, hypersensitivity
Albuterol Adverse Reactions Restlessness, tremors, dizziness, palpations, tachycardia, nervousness, peripheral vasodialation, nausea, vomiting, hyperglycemia, increased BP, paradoxial bronchospasm
Albuterol How it's supplied 2,5mG/3mL vial inhalation solution
Albuterol Adult Dosage/Administration 2.5, may give more NPR nebulizer
Albuterol Ped Dosage/Administration >18 mths 2.5 Nebulizer
Albuterol Onset 5-15 min
Albuterol Peak Effect 60-90 min
Albuterol Duration 3-6 hours
Calcium Chloride Drug Class Electrolyte
Calcium Chloride MOA Increases cardiac contractile state
Calcium Chloride Indications Calcium channel blocker toxicity, hypocalcemia when prompt increase in calcium plasma is required, combat hyperkalemia as the precipitant to cardiac arrest
Calcium Chloride Contraindications V Fib arrest, digitalis toxicity
Calcium chloride Adverse Reactions tingling sensations, calcium taste, "heat wave", peripheral dialation, burning sensation, moderate drop in BP
Calcium chloride supplied 1Gm/10mL prefilled syringe
Calcium chloride dosage/administration Adult Cardiac arrest, Evidence of ESRD w/ suspected hyperkalemia 1Gm SVT-1Gm over 5 min A Fib/Flutter 1Gm over 5 min OD- 20 mg/kg Slow IV/IO push
Calcium chloride Ped dosage/administration 20mg/kg Slow IV/IO push
Calcium chloride onset 3-5 min
calcium chloride peak effect 5-15 min
calcium chloride duration 4 hrs
Adenosine Class Endogenous nucleoside
Adenosine MOA slows conduction through AV node, interuption of reentry pathway through AV node, restores normal Sinus rhythm in pt with PSVT
Adenosine indications conversion to NSR of PSVT, including that associated with accessory bypass tracts, conversion of wide complex Tachycardia of unknown origin
Adenosine contraindications 2nd or 3rd degree heart block, sick sinus syndrome, hypersensitivity
Adenosine adverse reactions sense of impending doom, flushing, chest pressure, throat tightness, numbness, brief period of asystole
Adenosine how its supplied 6mg/2mL vial (3mg/mL)
Adenosine adult dosage/administration 6mg over 1-2 seconds W/ 20mL saline flush. If conversion doesn't occur within 1-2 minutes, 12mg followed by 20mL flush. 12 mg dosage may be repeated rapid IV bolus
Adenosine Ped dosage/administration .1 mg/kg over 1-2 sec with saline flush. .2 mg/kg may be given as second dosage if needed rapid IV bolus
adenosine onset 30 seconds
adenosine duration 10 seconds
adenosine peak effect ???
amiodarone class antidysrhythmia
amiodarone MOA prolongation of action potential, non competitive Alpha+Beta sympathetic blocking effects, blocks calcium channels
amiodarone indications pts w/ absent VS and either VF or VT on monitor, suppression of VF refractory to defibrillation, suppression of VT refractory to defibrillation
amiodarone contraindications hypothermia induced cardiac arrest, pt in renal failure, 2nd and 3rd degree heart block, medication induced ventricular dysrythmias, hypotension, bradycardia, Torsades de pointes, profound sinus bradycardia, known hypersensitivity
amiodarone adverse effects hypotension, bradycardia, PEA, CHF, nausea, fever, thrombocytopenia, pulmonary fibrosis, accute respiratory distress syndrome
amiodarone how its supplied 150 mg/3mL ampul, 150mg/3mL pre filled syringe
amiodarone adult dose/route 300mg initial, 150mg if refractory or VF/VT returns Slow IV/IO push
amiodarone ped dose/route pulseless arrest-5mg/kg VT-5mg/kg over 5 min (only with MC order) slow IV/IO push
amiodarone onset/peak effect/duration 5-15 min/variable/variable
atropine sulfate class anticholinergic agent
atropine MOA inhibits aacetylcholine @ postganglionic parasympathetic neuroeffector sites, increases HR in bradycardic dysarrythmias, blocks acetylcholine excess in organophosphate poisoning
atropine indications hemodynamically significant bradycardia, organophosphate poisoning, nerve gas exposure
atropine contraindications tachycardia, hypersensitivity, narrow angle glaucoma, unstable cardiovascular status in accute hemorrhage
atropine adverse effects headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations, tachycardia dysrythmias, blurred vision, dry mouth, urinary retention, paradoxical bradycardia, flushed/hot/dry skin
atropine how its supplied 1mg/10mL prefilled syringe, 2.1 mg DuoDote auto injector
atropine adult dose/route bradycardia .5 mg IV bolus every 3-5 minutes PRN to max of 3mg total Organophosphate poisoning 2mg IV/IM every 5 minutes PRN
atropine Onset/peak effect/duration immediate/1-2 minutes/2-6 hours
Aspirin class Platelet inhibitor/NSAID
aspirin MOA prostaglandin inhibition, prevents platelet formation
aspirin indications chest pain suggstive of accute MI, pt w/ previous cardiac Hx presenting with chest pain consistent w/ cardiac ischemia
aspirin contraindications hypersensitivity, GI bleed
aspirin adverse effects heartburn, GI bleeding, nausea, vomiting, wheezing, prolonged bleeding
aspirin how its supplied 81mg chewable tablets
aspirin adult dose and route MI 324mg PO pain relief (analgesic) 325-600 mg every 4-6 hrs PO
aspirin ped dose and route MI ???? analgesic 10-15 mg/kg every 4-6 hrs PO
aspirin onset/peak effect/duration 5-30 min/1-3 hr/4-6 hr
Cipro Class Synthetic Antimicrobial Agent
Cipro MOA Treatment of exposure to microorganisms and anthrax inhalation
Cipro Indications Treatment of infections caused by microorganisms, and postexposure inhalation anthrax
Cipro Contrindications hypersensitivity
Cipro Adverse Reactions Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, restlessness, rash
Cipro How it's supplied 500mg tablets
Cipro Adult Dosage/ROute 500mg q 12 hrs for 60 days for anthrax/PO
Cipro Ped Dosage/Route 15mg/kg q 12 hrs for 60 days, 6-10mg/kg for infections/PO
Cipro duration Up to 12 hrs
Doxycycline Class tetracycline antibiotic
Doxycycline MOA Antibiotic effects
Doxycycline Indications Brucellosis, fever from biological agent, pneumonic plague, Typhoidial Tuleremia, Anthrax exposure, acne
Doxyxycline contraindications Hypersensitivity
Doxycycline adverse effects Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, glossitis, dysphagia, enterocolitis, rash
Doxycycline How its supplied 75, 100, 150 mg tablets
Doxycycline adult dose/route 200mg first day, 100mg a day after that /PO
doxycycline ped dose/route 4.4mg/kg first day, 2.2 mg/kg after that PO
Doxycycline onset, peak effect, duration 1-2 hr/1.5-4 hr/12 hr
Captopril Class ACE Inhibitor
Captopril MOA Supression of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, afterload reduction, arterial vasodilaton
Captopril Indication HTN, HTN associated w/ acute pulmonary edema
Captopril Contraindications Hypersensitivity
captopril adverse effects rash, fever, taste impairment, angioedema, cough, hypotension
Captopril how its supplied 25mg tablet
captopril adult dose/route 25mg/SL
captopril ped dose/route not recommended
captopril onset/peak effect/duration within 5 min/variable/variable
Dextrose 50% class Hypertonic solution
Dextrose MOA rapidly increases serum glucose levels
Dextrose indications signs and symptoms consistent w/ hypoglycemia, confirmed hypoglycemia
dextrose contraindications intracranial hemorrhage, increased intracranial pressure
dextrose adverse effects extravasation leads to tissue necrosis, warmth, pain, burning, thrombophlebitis, rhabdomyositis
dextrose how its supplied 25Gm/50mL prefilled syringe
dextrose adult dose/route 25GM PRN/IV
dextrose ped dosage/route <2yrs 1-2mL/kg 25% >2yrs 1-2mL/kg 50%
dextrose onset/peak effect/duration <1 min/variable/variable
Diazepam(Valium)class Benzodiazapine
Diazepam MOA Potentiates effects of inhibitory neurotransmitters, raises seizure thresholds, induces amnesia and sedation
Diazepam Indications
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