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25 top drugs


what medication should Aspirin not be combined with? other anticoagulants because they increase bleeding. ex- coumadin and Heparin. Do not give to children with viral infection because they cause Reye syndrome!
common ANALGESICS Morphine, NSAIDS(ibuprophen), and Morphine
things to know about NSAIDS? Take with food to decrease GI upset; contraindicated for people with GI cond.;cause peripheral edema; and easy brusing ulcers
Morphine A respiratory depressant. It should be withheld if the respiration are below 10
ANTI-CONSULTANTS: Phenotonin(Dilantin) Causes gum hyperplasia. Advice client to visit dentist frequently. ck CBC and kidney Fun; can cause hyperglycemia w/ long use; turn urine pink or brown; cause hypotension
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Predisone Causes Cushing like symptoms. Common side effects are immunosupression (monitor client for infection), hyperglycemia. used for Resp. disorders-asthma- autoimmune cond.; increases heart rate;
ANTI-COAGULANTS Heparin Monitor pt’s lab work-PTT. Antidote is protamine sulfate; ck BP & HR because changes may indicate acute bleeding; give injection @90 degree angle 2 in from navel; dont take med with birth control-Phenytoin-or vitK because the above decrease Hep effects
ANTI-COAGULANTS Warfrin (Coumadin) Monitor pt’s lab work—PT & INR. Antidote is Vitamin K. don't increase foods high in Vit K like cabbage- bruss sprouts- soybeans-
ANTI-PARKINSON Cogentin (Benztropine mesylate) *anticholinergic Used to treat EPS; supresses tremors; causes urinary retention; causes hypertension- tachycardia- photophobia- urinary retention- constipaion
ANTI-PARKINSON Sinemet *anticholinergic Drug is effective when tremors are not observed
Gentamicin (Garamycin) (IM, IV) Aminoglycosides antibiotic Ototoxicity, Nephrotoxicity, causes respiratory depression, rash/hypersensivit,y,use cautiously with pt who have Renal impairment, or hearing loss or Myasthenia Gravis ***dont use with other ottoxic meds like LoopDiuretics because hearing increases!
Erythomycin antiinfective-Macrolids Hepatotoxicity(presents with abdominal pain-lethargt-juandice), GI discomfort take w/meals -->dont take w/theophylline, Carbamazepine Warfarin, and antihistamines because Erytho. stops the metabloism of these meds and will cause toxicity. or CA+ ch bl.
Dimenhydrinate-Dramine Antiemetis/antihistamine treats motion sickness,po iv im, have sedation so no driving, anticholinergic effects(dry mouth,urinary retention,constipation). dont use together with CNS depressants like Opoids, alchol because they increase antiemetic effect! dont use w/antihyperten.
Alcohol withdrawl symptoms nausea; vomiting; tremors; restlessness and-->increasedheart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature;-->considered a medical emergency
Opioids, including heroin and prescription med withdrawl sys.; agitation, insomnia, flu-like symptoms, rhinorrhea, yawning, sweating, and diarrhea. detox meds>Chlordiasepoixide, Diazepam(Valium), Lorazepam(Ativan), Carbamazepine(tegretol), clonidine, medications for alcohol detox
side effect & contraindations to watch for while taking Albuterol inhaled agents have verylittle effect, but oral meds can cause palpitaitons. dont consume caffine while on med because will increase palpitaions. use cautiously with diabetics, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, and angina pts.
which meds should not be used along with Albuterol? beta blockers(propranolol) because the negate the efects of the abuterol
what medications when combined with Abuterol increase the risk for tachycardia and Angina MAOI's and trycyclic andtdepressants
Theophylline relaxation of bronchial muscle, treats long term chronic asthma. oral/iv-emercency not used for rescue> watch serum levels 5-20 if dose above normal range can cause dysrhythmias and seizures.
medications that increase Theophylline serum levels? Cimetidine-tagamet; ciprodloxacin-cipro;and also caffine
Medication that decreased Theophylline levels? Phenobarbital and Phenytoin, if pt is onthes meddication the Theophylline dose will need to be increased!
manifestations of Anaphylaxis? anxiety, itching, confusion, nausea vomiting,low pulse and difficulty breathing!
what medications treat Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinsons and seizures? Cholinesterase inhibitors, these medication work to improve nerve transmission. Neostigmine-Prostigmin---->endings gmin and -nium med not used on asthmatics, pt with peptic ulcers,GI issues, coronary insufficiency.
Muscarinic stimulation an increase in GI motility GI screetions, brdycardia, and urinary urgency. these are side effects of Cholinesterase inhibitors.
Neostigmine (treats myasthenia gravis) overdose is treated with what med? Atropine
Scopolamine patch application place behind ear for motion sickness( its a anticholonergic)leave patch on for 3 days and preplace on opposite ear.
loop diuretics that promote urination Furosemide-Lasix; Bumetanide-Bumex; Torsemide-Demadex
Osmotic diuretic used to decrease ICP? Mannitol.
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