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NUTR - Midterm

Nutrition info for midterm

Foods products of plants or animals which provide nutrients for the body
Nutrients substances obtained from foods that provide energy and building blocks for the body
Diet variety of foods and beverages a person consumes
DRI Dietary Reference Intakes
Total fat intake should be no more than ___ % of total calories 30
Saturated fat intake should be ___ % of total calories 8-10
Polyunsaturated fatty acids should be up to ___% of total calories 10
Monounsaturated fatty acids should make up to ___% of total calories 15
Cholesterol intake should be less than ____ mg daily 300
Sodium intake should be less than ______ mg per day, which is about _____ tsps of salt 2400, 1.25
Carbohydrate should make up ____- _____% or more of total calories 55-60
EAR Estimated Average Requirements(EAR) - Amount to maintain function
RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance(RDA) - Population based, related to deficiencies
AI Adequate Intakes(AI
UL Tolerable Upper Intake Levels(UL)
provides the energy for the work of living organisms? Oxidation of free molecules
Kcal/g in fat 9
Kcal/g in carbs 4
Kcal/g in alcohol 7
Kcal/g in protein 4
4 essential fatty acids linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic and eicosapentanoic acids
BMR The Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) is the underlying rate of metabolism to maintain the resting body
10 Essential amino acids PVT TIM HALL
Nitrogen Balance Adequate protein intake in adults
Positive Nitrogen Balance In children or in individuals undergoing healing, there is a net increase in the amount of nitrogen in the body
Negative Nitrogen Balance In wasting or degeneration
PDCAAS score of 1.00 indicates ... no complementation needed (from other aa sources)
Chronic Protein Energy Malnutrition causes: Marasmus
Acute PEM causes... Kwashiorkor
Vitamins Growth requirement not synthesized by the body
Two vitamins that oxidize free radicals (which can be ODed on?) Vitamins C and E *E can be ODed because it's fat-soluble
3 Vitamins essential for oral development 1. Vit A (membranes) 2. Vit D (Ca+ mineralization) 3. Vit C (collagen and CT formation)
3 Vitamin D diseases 1. Osteomalacia 2. Rickets 3. Osteoporosis
Vitamin A disease Xerostomia
Vitamin required for mineralization, prothrombin, and clotting factors Vit K
National Boards: Magenta tongue = what diagnosis? Riboflavin deficiency
5 deficiencies that cause angular stomatitis 1. niacin 2. biotin 3. riboflavin 4. thiamine 5. pyroxidine
Two symptoms of angular stomatitis 1. Glossitis - red tongue 2. burning mouth
Thiamine deficiency disease Beriberi
Niacin deficiency disease Pellagra
Vitamin B12 deficiency disease Pernicious anemia
How much classifies as a macromineral ? More than 100 mg/day
How many of the top ten killers are caused by malnutrition? Half - 5
What five things have RDAs? 1. Energy 2. Protein 3. Water 4. Fiber 5. Vitamins/Minerals
To qualify as "high" in something, a food must have... 20 of the daily value
What qualifies as a "light" food? Food that has 50% less than the reference product of fat
Glycemic effect? Rate at which sugar enters the blood
With a high glycemic index is more or less insulin released? More
What does PEM stand for? Protein- Energy Malnutrition
Two water-soluble vitamins 1. B vitamins 2. Vitamin C
Four fat-soluble vitamins 1. A 2. D 3. E 4. K
Water-soluble vitamins always play this role in metabolism: Cofactor
Fat-soluble vitamins play these four roles in metabolism: 1. Cofactor 2. Membrane 3. Hormone 4. Antioxidant
3 locations for Vitamin D metabolism 1. Skin 2. Liver 3. Kidney
The most potent free-radical scavenger Vitamin E
Vitamin that helps keep Vitamin E reduced Vit C
Physiological mechanism that requires vit K Blood coagulation
2 Nutrition-based dental diseases 1. Caries 2. Periodontal disease
True or false: frequency of eating is a factor in caries development True, the more frequently you eat the more susceptible you are
Most susceptible tooth surface for caries Occlusal
What two things combine to make acid? Pathogenic plaque and Carbohydrates
What does the Stephan Curve tell you? The time course of acid exposure
Why doesn't everyone have caries, if we all eat carbohydrates? Host resistance
The variable in the Vipeholm study was.. Frequency of sucrose ingestion
The variable in the Hopewood House study was... Limit of sugar products
The variable in the Turku study was... Sugar type (sucrose, xylitol, or fructose)
What bug, when combined with s.mutans, can predict caries risk? Lactobacillus
Created by: janygb143