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Geography Exam 08'

Stack #129977

what is the capital of Australia? Canabera
What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
What is the capital of China? Beijing
What is the capital of Egypt? Caire
What is the capital of Greece? Athens
What is the capital of India? New Delhi
What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo
What is the capital of Liberia? Monrovia
What is the capital of Libya? Tripoli
What is the capital of the Phillippines? Manila
What is the capital of South Korea? Seoul
What is the capital of Spain? Madrid
What is the capital of Thailand? Bangkok
What is the capital of the Netherlands? Amsterdam
What is the capital of Ukraine? Kiev
What is the capital of Russia? Moscow
What is the captial of Iraq? Baghdad
What is the capital of Portugal? Lisbon
What is the capital of Afghanistan? Kabul
The one mega continent was called? Pangea
Name the fortress where 960 Jewish zealots committed suicide in 70 A.D. rather than be captured by the Romans? Meseda
What is the term for where the ocean tide meets a river current? estuary
What system of government allows individuals the freedom to follow their economic pursuits as they seem fit through private ownership of property? Free Enterprise capitalism
What city and country is the starting point for measuring longitude? Greenwich, England
Along what parallel were North and South Korea divided? 38th parallel
What country is 1/4 polder? Netherlands
Because its major religion prohibits the killing of cattle, the country has more livestock than any other country in the world? India
What is Japan's highest peak? Mount Fuji
Both Jews and Muslims considered this a "Holy City" Jerusalem
When was the modern state of Israel established? 1948
Where did Noah's ark caome yo rest after the flood? Mount Ararat
What is the only Asian country where a majority of the people practice Roman Catholicism? Phillippines
Lowest point on earth? Dead Sea
Highest point on earth? Mount Everest
What is the term used to describe when land is taken from the sea by using dikes, dams, and windmills to drain the water? Polder
What is the world's largest desert? Sahara
What is the world's longest river? Nile river
Which African country, in addition to Sierra Leon, was settled by freed slaves? Liberia
Afrikaners are the Dutch inhabitants of____________? South Africa
What is the world's biggest natureal structure formed by living things? Great Barrier Reef
A gold rush in 1851 caused the population of ____________ to increasre by nearly 200%. Australia
What mountain range is considered the "Backbone of North America"? Rocky Mountains
What is the world's largest inland seaway? St. Lawrence
What is the world's largest island? Greenland
What is the world's largest canyon? Grand Canyon
Which country became the western hemisphere's first Communist dictatorship? Cuba
What was Canada's first Prividence? Quebec
In North America, What provides passage for ships traveling between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans? Panama Canal
Which South American lake is the continent's largest? Lake Maricabo
What is the world's highest waterfall? Angel Falls
Name the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere? Mount Aconcagua
What religion do the majority of South Americans practice? Roman Catholicism
What is the longest mountain range on land? Andes Mountains
Which country produces more emeralds than any other country? Columbia
What is the official language of Brazil? Portuguese
Franciso Pizarro conquered the Inca Indianz of which country? Peru
Who is remembered for leading Venezuela abd several other South American countries to independence from Spain? Simon Bolivar
Which country is known as "Granary of the South"? Argentina
What is the world's second largest city in population? San Paulo, Brazil
What is the world's highest freshwater lake? Lake Titicaca
The Galapagos Islands belong to which nation? Ecaudor
What separates South America from Antarctica? Drake Passage
Created by: FWclogger4