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CLAA Grammar 25


hic Pharisaeus, i Pharisee
hic Christus, i Christ
haec aqua, ae water
medius, a, um the middle, midst
dignus, a, um worthy
haec corrigia, ae strap
hoc calciamentum, i shoe
eius his, her, its
ei to him, her, it
eam her, it
eum him, it
eis to/for them
hic, hoc this, the same
his to these
ille he
illum him
ipse he, himself
ipsum him, himself
ipso from him, it (self)
ego I
me me
nos we, us
nobis to/for us
tu you
te you
vos you (pl.)
vestrum of you (pl.)
vobis to you (pl.)
qui, quae who
quod what, that
cui to whom
quem whom
quid? what?
quis? who?
ait he said
demus we might give
dicis you say
dicit he/she/it says
dixi I said
dixit he/she/it said
dixerunt they said
dixi I said
dirigite make straight
interrogarent they might ask
interrogaverunt they asked
miserunt they sent
negavit he/she/it denied
respondit he/she/it responds
sum I am
es you are
est he/she/it is
sunt they are
erat he/she/it was
erant they were
fuerant they were
baptizo I baptize
stetit he stood
solvam I should loosen
missus, a, um sent
dicens, entis saying
factus, a, um made
venturus, a, um about to come
baptizans, antis baptizing
neque and not, nor
non no, not
quando when
sicut just as
ubi when, where
a, ab from
ante before
de from, about
ex from, out of
in in, among, into
per through, by
post after
prior before
pro for, in place of
trans across
autem however
ergo then
et and, also
neque and not, nor
quasi as if
que and
quia because
sed but
si if
ut so that
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