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Walk, Say, Run, Look

Verbs to describe the way a person acts.

stroll to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way
march to walk someehere quickly with firm regular steps
tiptoe to walk quietly and carefully on your toes, so that nobody hears you
pace to walk first in one direction and then in another many times, especially because you are nervous
yell to shout or say something very loudly, especially because you are frightened, angry, or excited
whisper to speak or say something very quietly, using your breath rather than your voice
shriek to make or say something in a very high loud sound, especially because you are afraid, angry, excited, or in pain
explain to define, to make comprehensive
race to move very quickly or take someone or something to a place very quickly
jog to run slowly and steadily, especially as a way of exercising
dash to go or run somewhere very quickly:
hurry to do something or go somewhere more quickly than usual, especially because there is not much time
stare to look at something or someone for a long time without moving your eyes, for example because you are surprised, angry, or bored
peer to look very carefully at something, especially because you are having difficulty seeing it:
examine to look at something carefully because you want to find out more about it
glance to quickly look at someone or something
Created by: sebaavila