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Intro to Health Care

Unit 1: Chap. 1-3

What are Ethical Dilemmas? Situations that have no clear answers of correct courses of action
What's Euthanasia? A medical treatment used to relieve suffering
What's informed consent? A procedure explained by a professional that includes possible consequences
What's implied consent? Consent indicated by the patient's actions. I.e, showing up for an appt.
What's expressed consent? Written consent
What are two written instructions containing the patient's desires regarding their health care? And what is that called? 1. Designation of health care surrogate 2. Living Will It's called an Advance Directive
Why is it becoming more acceptable to remove a patient from artificial living? Allows death to happen anyway
What is a placement on official list after meeting predetermined standards? Registration
Americans spent how much on health care in 2009? $2.5 Trillion
The purpose of targeted drug therapy is to? Destroy Cancer cells
“Chronic” describes a health condition experienced as a result of aging. False; – Conditions and illnesses that cannot be cured quickly
What is The Joint Commission? Private, non-profit organization – Encourages high standards – Provides guidelines – Performs on-site inspections – Accreditation voluntary
Majority of ambulatory services are performed where? Physician's offices
What is palliative care and support for dying patients and their families? Hospice
– Palliative care provides comfort and pain relief, but does not offer a cure. True
What is Wellness? • Promotion of health through preventive measures and practice of good habits
What is Complementary medicine? Used together with conventional medicine
What is Alternative medicine? Used instead of conventional medicine
– A good system of ethics will provide answers to most health care decisions. False
What are the personal values with ethics? • Foundation for making decisions and guiding behavior • Influenced by family, religion, education, and personal experience • Establish priorities • Values not necessarily right or wrong
What are the Guiding Principles of Health Care Ethics 1. Preserve life 2. Do good 3. Respect autonomy 4. Uphold justice 5. Be honest 6. Be discreet 7. Keep promises 8. Do no harm
Touching or treating patients without consent? Battery
Threatening to touch or treat without permission? Assault
Holding mentally competent patients against their will? False Imprisonment
What MUST you report in regards to abuse? Child abuse, elder abuse.
What three things must you identify BEFORE you report abuse of an adult? Knife wounds, gunshot wounds, Life threatening state
What is the criteria of an organ transplant recipient? 1. Will it benefit the patient 2. Urgency 3. Impact of treatment
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