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Georgia Geography

th gradeGeorgia Geography for

What is the smallest region in Georgia? Appalachian Plateau
What is the Tag corner? Name all three states. The TAG corner is a point where three states meet. Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
The soil in the region is made up of what primarily in the appalachian plateau? Limestone,Shale & Sandstone
Describe the terrain in the appalachian plateau. Caves, Canyons, and Rock Formations
Which of the regions have the highest and largest group of mountains in Georgia? Blue Ridge
Blue ridge mountains do what exactly to help Georgia? They create precipitation for the entire state of Georgia.
What is the highest peak in Georgia? Brasstown bald
What region does the Appalachian trail start in? Blue Ridge
What city is considered the Carpet capitol of the world? Dalton, Georgia is considered the carpet capital of the world which is located in the region of Ridge and Valley.
What type of terrain do they have in the ridge and Valley? Fertile farmland for pasture for cattle.
What does the word piedmont mean? "Foot of the mountain"
How much does Piedmont take up in Georgia? 1/3 of Georgia's land.
What type of soil is in the piedmont region? Granite and Clay based
Where does half of Georgia's population live in? Piedmont region
Name three major cities in georgia. Atlanta, Augusta, MAcon, Athens, Columbus, etc.
How much land area does the Coastal plain cover? 3/5 of the state of Georgia
Which region is the biggest in Agriculture? Coastal plain
Name three of the biggest products GROWN in Georgia? Onions, Peanuts, and pecans.
What do the barrier islands do to help Georgia? They protect the beaches, blocking much of the winds sands, and water that could erode and wash away the mainland.
What is the Fall line? Separates the piedmont region from the Coastal plain. It also marks an ancient ocean stop point as well.
What three cities does the fall line run through? Macon, Augusta, and Columbus. (MAC)
Where were the Early settlers forced to stop and Why? The Fall line because they could no travel over the steep falls, and rushing water.
The fall line consisted of many waterfalls, what were they good for? Excellent source of power. Water for all purposes. so early people built settlements near the fall line.
Where is the okefenokee swamp located? Located in the outer coastal plain
Which swamp in georgia is the biggest in North America? Okefenokee Swamp
What is one good thing about the okefenokee swamp economically? Major tourist attraction in america.
What river borders alabama? Chattahoochee River.
Which river borders South Carolina? Savannah River
Which river borders florida? St. Mary's River
Name two deepwater seaports. Savannah and brunswick
Most of the success in Georgia is due to what three characteristics? Transportation (Interstate highways), infrastructure and massive import and exports through the deep water seaports.
What hemisphere is Georgia located in? Northwestern.
What part of The US does Georgia belong to? South eastern.
What is Geography? The science of studying earth as the home to humans.
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