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Ch. 38 vocabulary

Protozoal Diseases of the Blood

Lymphadenopathy swollen lymph nodes and spleen--fever, malaise, sore throat
Malaria protozoan--flagellar motility--mosquito vector--acute fever, transmission mosquitos--chills, shivering, chattering teeth, temp to 104, headacche, delirium, sometimes convulsions--profus perspiration, lower body temp, sleep--death
Merozoites osquito takes another blood meal, sporozoites enter new host, travel rapidly to liver and transform into about 25,000 merozoites
Quinine from tree bark--used since 1600 to tx malaria--resistance becoming common--recurrence when tx stopped--new batches of merozites released from liver--parasites in liver resistant to quinine
Sleeping sickness caused by Trypanosoma brucei--found in Africa-transmitted by tsetse fly--severe headaches, chronic bouts of fever, change in behavior, wasting-brain invaded sleep prolonged becomes coma leads to death
Toxoplasmosis protozoan--nonmotile--usually spread by cats or cat feces to humans--growth of parasites on host tissues--develop cysts inside cells
Trypanosomiasis protozoan--flagellar motility-tste fly/reduviid bug vector-undiluting membrane waves along side of single flagellum--causes sleeping sickness
Created by: heatherlvn