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Ch. 37 vocabulary

Viral Diseases of the Blood

Arbovirus arthropod borne virus--spread from birds to humans via mosquito bites--icosahedral, enveloped viruses, RNA, mosquito spread--
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) enveloped virions, DNA, hallmark of latency/recurrence--5th human herpes virus--reactivated in mother from WBCs during 3rd trimester, crosses placenta--breastmilk--defects in fetus/infant--Glanciclovir in early tx--reactivation in immunocompromised
Ebola virus host remains unknown--no tx and no vaccines--hemorrhagic fevers--fever, bleeding from body orifices
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) 4th herpes virus--enveloped virions, DNA, hallmark of latency/recurrance--90% infectious mononucleosis--under 15-asymptomatic--16-20 high "college disease"--infects B lymphocytes, cytoplasms grow dramatically remains latent for infected person's life--rec
Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever pathogen--causes hemorrhaging and resp failure--deer mouse primary carrier
Hemorrhagic fevers sx fever, bleeding from many body orifices, internal organs rupture/liquify due to viral damage--viruses in many shapes/sizes--RNA, DNA, naked,enveloped--no tx-no vaccine
Hepatitis (blank)
Infectious mononucleosis Eptein-Barr virus--enveloped virons, DNA, hallmark of latency/recurrence--kissing disease--college disease--transmitted in saliva--infects B lymphocytes, causing cytoplasms grow dramatically remains latent for infected persons life
Lassa fever hemorrhagic fever
Marburg disease hemorrhagic fever
Retinitis often leads to blindness--cytomegalovirus--infection of the retina
West Nile encephalitis virus infects crows--first identified in NYC in 1999--spread southward and westward include at least half of the states in 2002--continued spread expected--no means to contain it
Yellow fever virus encephalitis virus--foreign travelers may need vaccination--caused by agent smaller than a bacterium was transmitted by mosquitoes
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