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Ch. 36 questions

Bacterial Deseases of the Blood

How is Yersinia pestis spread? causes bubonic plague--spread by flea vectors from mice and rats to humans
List the vectors of transmission for Rocky Mountain spotted fever wild mammalian hosts by ticks to humans
List the vectors of transmission for Epidemic typhus body lice
what are the reservoirs for R. rickettsii? blood-sucking arthropods and wild animals
What are the reservoirs for R. prowazekii? humans
Describe the three phases of Lyme disease 1--red rash--2nd--infected person develops flu-like sx--3rd--develop debilitating-sometimes fatal, immune complex diseases/arthritis
Besides tampons, what other items can provide a breeding ground for S. aureus? in/on stitches, catheters, heart valves, any other indwelling device where infection might develop
Created by: heatherlvn