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Ch. 35 vocabulary

Fungal Diseases of the Skin

Dermatophytes fungi that causes skin diseases--readily transmitted by shared combs, hair coverings, towels, wet indoor carpeting used for swimming pools--may be acquired from pet dogs/cats
Mycoses skin diseases caused by fungi
Ringworm caused by Microsporum, trichophyton, and Epidermophyton--molds, usually cause chronic infections--infect external skin including hair and nails--round raised area with intense itching--fungus--hyphae present in skin scrapings or hair--grow in warm/moist
Sporotichosis dimorphic fungus--called rose thorn disease--Sporothrix schenckii grows on plants, wood, straw--infects via puncture wounds in skin--detected as yeast in skin biopsy grows a dark, thick, leathery mold in culture--rose thorn ideal for transmission
Sx and tx of sporotichosis purplish, pus-filled lesions arise at site of infection, progress up lymphatic drainages--unusual agent--potassium iodide used for tx
Thrush occurs in the mouth andvaginitis or vulvocandidiasis in vagina--presents with small, white flecks/patches, resembles milk curd when grown together--appear on oral membranes
Created by: heatherlvn