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Latin 3 Honors Vocab

a, ab from
accidit happen
adeptus having obtained
adventus arrival
aedificio build
aliquis someone, something
amo love
amor love
animus soul
annus year
antea before
appropinquare approach
ardere burn
ars art, skill
ascendere climb
audax dare
aureus gold
auris ear
auxilium help
barbarus barbarian
bellum gerere to wage war
bellum war
bene well
benignus kind
caelum sky
captivus prisoner
caput head
carcer prison
castra military camp
circum around
colloquium talk
comprehendere arrest
consilium plan
conspicatus having caught sight of
crudelis cruel
dea goddess
delectare delight
deponere take off
descendere go down
di immortales heavens above
discedere depart
diu for a long time
docere teach
domus home
egressus having departed
exanimatus unconscious
explicare explain
extrahere drag out
faber craftsman
facilis easy
fero bring
filia daughter
flos flower
flumen river
fluere flow
fons fountain
fortasse perhaps
gaudere rejoice
gerere wear
gratias thanks
gravis serious
hora hour
hostis enemy
humi ground
ibi there
immortalis immortal
imperare order
imperator emperor
incendere burn
incipere begin
ingressus having entered
insanus insane
insula island
inter among
interea meanwhile
ita in this way
iter journey
iubere order
liberare free
locus place
locutus having said
luna moon
magis more
manus hand
maximus great
melior worse
miles soldier
minimus little
mors death
navgare sail
nemo no one
neque...neque neither...nor
nescire not know
nomen name
nonne? surely not?
nox night
numquam never
pauci little
oculus eye
oppidum town
os face
osculum kiss
paratus ready
pars part
passus having suffered
perire die
periculum tracherous
persuadere persuade
pessimus worst
plentus full
poena poet
ponere put
pons bridge
postea after
praemium prize
precatus having prayed (to)
pro in front of
punire punish
qualis what sort of
quantus how big
quo where?
quomodo however
quot because
recipere receive
regnum king
regressus having returned
remedium cure
ripa river bank
sacer sacred
scelestus wicked
scire to hide
si if
silentium silence
simulac as soon as
sine without
sub under
tacitus silently
talis such
tam for
tam so
tantus such
tot so many
tristis sad
umerus shoulder
unde from where
venenum poison
verbum word
vertere turn
verum truth
vix hardly
vox voice
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