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Ch. 34 questions

Viral Diseases of the Skin

Describe the epidemiology of rabies occurs in wild animals and spreads to humans through bites/scratches
Describe the course of disease of rabies virus attacks the CNS, taking 6 wks to several months to travel vial local neurons to the CNS--infected animals throat muscles contract in spasm, causes an aversion to swallowing
Describe the tx of rabies multidose vaccine is effective when given before/just after bite or scratch that transmitted the virus
Describe Negri bodies black inclusions found in the brain tissue of an infected brain
Give the name of the virus that causes warts Papilloma virus
what is herpes keratitis? latent infection of the eye--causes sharp pain, sensitivity to light, and vision loss--may require cornea replacement
Where do herpes viruses replicate? cell's nucleus
Latency infected person will harbor the virus for life
Recurrence reacctivation of a latent virus
What are the sites of infection for HSV I? above the waist and found primarily on the face and mouth
What are the primary and recurrent diseases of HSV I? gingivostomatitis (primary) and herpes labialis (recurrent)
Created by: heatherlvn