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Ch. 34 vocabulary

viral Diseases of the Skin

gingivostomatitis oral lesions caused by Herpes Simplex Virus I--lesions around and in much of the mouth--spread by direct contact--virus becomes latent in neurons that innervate face/mouth--only 1-2 blisters on reactivation--stress, ultraviolet light, some cosmetics, etc.
Herpes labialis cold sores/fever blisters--caused by Herpes simplex virus
Herpes simplex virus (HSV) 2 types--HSVI/HSVII
Hydrophobia when rabid animal/human tries to swallow, throat muscles ccontract in painful spasm--animals refuse to even look at water and will drool rather than swallow saliva--death due to resp paralysis results after several days of sx
Kaposi's sarcoma Human Herpes virus 8 (HHV8)--tumors appear as purplish-brown areas on skin--most seen in AIDS pts--isolated from saliva/semen--sexual contact primary mode of transmission--seen mostly in homosexual males--other skin ca/one type of lymphoma associated
Latency person infected with herpes virus harbors viruses for life
Negri bodies viral materials can be dx in brain tissue of biting animal by checking for black inclusions--rabies
Rabies rabio--to rave, be mad--virus is bullet shaped, quite common in wild animals--raccoons/skunks--bitten/scratched contaminated with virus-containing saliva--infects all warm-blooded animals--abundant and wild--target organ is CNS-slow groing
Recurrence Herpes viruses likkely may reactivate later in life to cause additional disease--may occur once or many times despite high Ab titers against viruses--usually reduced area of infection
Roseola Human Herpes Virus 6--causes high fever that lasts 3-5 days with rash appearing at end of fever in about 10% of cases
Smallpox lg virion with multilayered surface--complex structure--DNA--only virus eradicated--concern for bioterrorist usage--
Warts naked virions--DNA viruses--cuased by papilloma viruses--spread via direct contact with skin--grows slowly--causes plantar warts, flat warts, and condyloma acuminata--sexually transmitted warts grow on genitalia
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