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aa of each (equal amounts)
a.s. left ear
o.s. or o.l. left eye
o.d. right eye
u.d. as directed
o.u. both eyes
a.d. right ear
NPO nothing by mouth
R/O ruled out
non rep. or N.R. do not repeat
a before
q every
Dc, d/c, or disc. discontinue
et and
N/V nausea/vomit
SOB shortness of breath
URI upper respiratory infection
s without
sol. solution
susp. suspension
tab. tablet
ung ointment
Bp bloodpressure
ad up to
ante before
rt. right
noct. night
P.r. per rectum
IM intramuscular
IVP intravaneous push
comp. compound
dil. dilute
div. divide
dx diagnosis
hx history
ft. make
GI gastrointestinal
HA headache
pulv. powder
tinct. or tr tincture
cap capsule
b.i.d take twice daily
syr. syrup
a.u. both ears
aq. water
IV intraveneous push
IVPB intravaneous piggy back
inj. injection
q.h. every hour
min. minute
stat. immediatley
ad. lib. as desired
gtt. drop
p after
m mix
h.s. at bedtime
p.c. after meals
Created by: Jennalynn3