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Zoology 1/Test 6

What are all the eggs in a nest called? Clutch
The developing chick inside an egg Embryo
What is the sharp notch on the top of the baby bird's beak? Egg Tooth
What a male bird is doing when he tries to win a female bird, displaying bright colors and fancy flight Courting
This is when other birds assist the parent birds in raising their young Cooperative Breeding
When birds are born without feathers and are born blind, completely dependent upon their parents for survival Altricial
An egg that does not contain an embryo Unfertilized
The outside of an egg shell Cuticle
The yellow center of an egg, containing food for the embryo to consume while growing inside the egg Yolks
Birds born with feathers and the ability to see and move about Precocial
The tiny circle that initially makes up the developing embryo in the egg Germinal Disk
This is what a bird is doing when the parent bird continues to sit upon the newly hatched birds to keep them warm Brooding
Know the difference between nestlings and fledglings See page 98
Be able to label egg diagram with all parts See page 94
Created by: Zoology 1