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Zoology 1/Test 5

A flat nest that is formed using branches or twigs Platform Nest
A nest on the ground made of dried leaves and twigs, and sometimes decorated with bright objects that birds find Bower
A small hill or pile of debris or dirt built by birds upon which they will nest Mound Nest
A nest made when the bird scrapes a small indention or divot in the ground and lays its eggs on that spot Scrape Nest
The kind of nest found inside a hole in a tree or in a birdhouse or some other hollow place Cavity Nest
Bird that lay their eggs in other bird's nests and leave them for the other birds to brood and raise Brood Parasites
A cup nest that is attached to a branch at the top and sides but drops down below the limb Suspended Cup Nest
A cup nest that is like a suspended cup nest, except that it hangs far below the branch, forming a sack into which the bird goes to lay her eggs Pendulous Cup Nest
A typical bird nest that forms a bowl, usually nested between branches Cup Nest
A thick roll of skin and feathers between the feet and stomach of a penguin which is used to keep eggs warm Brood Pouch
A kind of nest which is made by finding or digging a hole in the earth Earth Hole Nest
A method of navigation or feeding using the echo of sound waves to locate objects and find direction Echolocation
The kind of nests made with mud or saliva that are stuck to the sides of buildings, trees or cliffs Adherent Nests
Created by: Zoology 1