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Zoology 1/Test 4

Patterns of stars in the sky Constellations
The ability a bird has to reach its destination without getting lost Homing Instinct
Donut shaped heat pockets in the air upon which some birds surf or glide Thermals
What we call it when a bird's flight muscles pull the wing down Down Stroke
Chemicals in a living creature that regulate behavior. These are believed to tell a bird when to migrate Hormones
A device sailors once used to measure the position of the stars in order to navigate Sextant
3 Specific things birds use for navigation Landmarks, Sun & Stars, Magnetic Field
The length of a day Photoperiod
When animals sleep during the winter Hibernate
What we call it when a bird's flight muscles pull the wings up Up Stroke
The bone that makes up the bird's wing Humerus (be able to locate and label)
The bone attached to the bird's flight muscles Keel (be able to loate and label)
Be able to explain the different ways a bird steers Tail used as a rudder, tilting onew wing higher than the other, flapping one wing faster than the other
Be able to explain a bird's special breathing sysytem See page 68
Explain why many birds fly in formation and name birds which do See page 69
Created by: Zoology 1