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Zoology 1/Test 2

A stripe of color that crosses a bird's wing horizontally Wingbar
People who enjoy watching and studying birds Birders
Scientists who specialize in the study of birds Ornithologists
When birds are travelling from one habitat to another during a season Migrating
A series of notes that a bird sings which has a particular pattern Song
The last name of a famous birder who was also know an the first bird bander Audubon
A single sound that a bird makes Call
Another word for a migrating bird Transient
A bird's voice box Syrinx
A condition in which there is no food available, causing people to starve Famine
A tuft of feathers on the top of a bird's head Crest
The covering on a bird. The one feature that identifies a bird from other animals Feathers
Be prepared to name and label all 15 parts of a bird Diagram on Text Page 26
Be prepared to explain several ways to identify birds Answers will vary
Be prepared to name at least one answer to the following: A reason birds sing; a reason birds call; a benefit of birds
Created by: Zoology 1