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Response to Behavior

LE 5.2 a,b, c,d,e, f Response to Behavior

1) Organism responds to ________ in the environment. Change
2) _________ is the way an organism responds _______ in the environment. Behavior, change
3) __________ is a way organisms release extra heat by letting water escape through the skin. Perspiration
4) Living things ______ to the change of the environment. Respond
5) Leaves of some green plants _______ position as the light changes directions. Change
6) Some leaves change with the ________. Seasons
7) When the season changes some animals _______ to release excess water inside them. Prespire
8) Some organisms _______ in the colder seasons. Shiver
9) Animals ______ about the environment through the changes of the seasons. Learn
10) Animals learn about the changes about the environment through their ________. Senses
11) Senses warn animals about the season by giving them information about ________, help to find food and ________. Danger, mates
12) Animals change their ________ because of the season. Behavior
13) Birds build nest to lay eggs and feed their young when the __________are ________. Conditions, right
14) Animals ________ are influenced by environmental changes. Behaviors
15) Some animals may _________ to warmer climates were they can find ______ and heat. Migrate, food
16) Some animals change the color of their ______ to _________ in the snow. Fur, camouflage
17) When the weather changes some animals _____ fur ____ and color again. Shed, fat
18) Plants responds to the changes in two ways ________ ________ with _______ of the light and ______ _______ and _____ their leaves. Change, direction, season; change color, shed
19) Animals perspire to make themselves feel _______. Cooler
20) Polar Bears don't live in New York ______ ______ _______. Not cold enough
21) If we moved a plant into a room with one window what do you think would happen? _________ to the _______ of the window. Move, direction
22) Humans move from place to place as their ______ change. Needs
23) Nest buildings, hibernating, hunting, migrating, and communicating are all forms of _________ used to respond to their environment. Behaviors
24) Senses can provide animals with essential information regarding _______ , _______ and ________. Danger, food, mates
25) Some animals and humans move form place to place as their ______ change. Needs
26) Fruits and seeds falling off is an example of ________ changing. Season
27) How would an animal respond to bright light? Blinking eyes
28) When would you expect a Polar Bear to start storing fat? _____ ______. Early Spring
29) Why would an animal move from place to place? ______ ______. Find food
30) If a Wolf was hunting a Mouse instead of a Deer it would be because their was no____. Deers
Created by: AForbes