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Nature of Plants

LE 3.1b; LE 5.1b Characteristics of Plants

1)Throughout time, plants have _____ to _____ to their environment. changed, adapted
2)All organisms need ______. energy
3)_____ gives the plant strength to _____, ____, and carry out life processes. Energy, grow, live,
4) When a seed ______ it starts to grow ____ and ____. germinates, roots and shoots
5) Plants use the ____ from the sunlight and use it to make ____. energy, food
6)Leaves help ____ gather _____ to make food. plants, sunlight
7) Roots help ____ grow. plants
8)Dandelions have stems, celery has stalks and pine trees have ______. trunks
9)____ help support a plant. roots
10) Many plants have flowers; flowers help the plant to _____. reproduce
11) Roots have two main functions_____ ___ ____ and ____. take in nutrients, water
12)The energy that is stored inside of the plant comes from______. sunlight
13) Which plant structure allows the plant to take in nutrients and water______. roots
14) Like other living organisms plants need to ______ to their environment if they are to survive. adapt
15) How does a carrot receive its food? Roots
16) What do plants need that animals do not need? Why? Light to make their food
17) What would happen if an apple tree did not have any flowers on it? It would not be able to reproduce
18) Where do seeds get energy to germinate from? Sunlight
19) Plants have two structures that give it support _________ and ________. Roots and Stems
20) What does a peach tree need to reproduce? Flowers
Created by: AForbes