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4th Grade Science

4th Grade Science Ch. 1 & 2

science the study of the wonders of the universe
scientist a person who spends time trying to learn about things God has made
observation looking carefully at something
field guides helpful for finding the answer to "What is it?" questions
range map a map that shows the range of an animal, or the part of the continent where it can usually be found
migrates to move from one place to another with the change of seasons
exoskeleton an outside skeleton
molting the shedding of outer skin, scales, feather, horns, or hair
the three body parts of an insect head, thorax, abdomen
thorax the middle body part of an insect
abdomen the last body part of an insect; it contains the insect's heart and stomach
ovipositor the egg-laying part of some female insects
spiracles a tiny opening through which air enters the breathing tubes of insects
complete metamorphosis egg, larva, pupa, adult
cocoon a silk case covering a moth larva
chrysalis a hard case covering a butterfly larva
Francesco Redi
hypothesis a reasonable explanation of something based on observations of that thing
experiment a planned way to test a hypothesis
law of biogenesis life can only come from another life
antennae a large feeler or sense organ on the head of insects
sensilla tiny sense organs
compound eyes a large eye made up of many smaller eyes which allows insects to see in almost every direction at one time
simple eyes an insect eye with only one lens that is designed to sense light and movement
chewing mouth
sucking mouth
piercing-sucking mouth
chewing-lapping mouth
insects that migrate ladybug, locust
nocturnal active at night
ways insects communicate sight, smell, touch, dancing, and sound
social insects
Jean Henri Fabre
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