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Living Traits

LE 2.1 a,b; LE 2.2 a,b (Traits of Living things)

1) Traits of living things can be ____, _____, or ______. inherited, acquired, or learned
2)Traits are ____, and _______, of living things or ______. qualities, characteristics, species
3) Scientist group living things into _____. species
4)Species are _____ that are _____ by their shared _________. living things, divided characteristics
5)Living things _____ members of their own_____. reproduce, species
6)A black and white cat mate and reproduce some of the kittens will have black and white spots this is an example of ______. inherited traits
7) If Susan's parents are both gold medalist swimmers will Susan inherit her parents ability?____ Susan's parents ability is a example of_____ or ____ characteristic. no, acquired or learned
8) ______ are new living things that parents produce. offspring
9)Characteristics are ______ of living things. traits
10)Some _____ can be _____ and others are learned. traits, inherited
11) A frog can pass on its _____ to tadpoles to swim this is an example of _______. trait, inherited
12) When ocean waters become to warm whales travel to colder waters this is an example of______ ______. inherited trait
13) Most fish have one eye on either side of its head , bean plants have green leaves and birds have two wings characteristics of these individual species are called _____. traits
14)The ability to swim in humans is not inherited but ______. learned
15)Plants, animals, and human beings can pass down special______ to their own _______. traits, offspring
16) Millo is a mischievous puppy who always comes into his mom's house with dirty paws and bruises this is an example of_______ _____. learned trait
17)White dog who has a puppy with white fur illustrates_______ _______. inherited trait
18)A photographer takes a picture of father and mother Giraffe standing next to their son who also has a long neck like his parents this is an example of_______ _____. inherited trait
19) The long neck on the baby giraffe is an example of a _______. inherited trait
20) The scar on the baby giraffe neck is an example of_____. acquired trait
21) A male puppy inherits traits from______. both parents
22)Living things produce ______ after their own ______. species, traits
23)Offspring are to_______ as characteristics are to_______. Parents, trait
24)Living things are categorized into ________. species
25) The beak of baby owl is used to tear meat his beak is similar to its _____. parents
26)A bird building a nest is an example of what trait_____. inherited
27) A boy playing football is an example of _____ _____. acquired
28)Parents are to offspring as characteristics are to_____. Traits
29) A dog chasing a cat is a ____ ____. learned trait
30) A dog obeying his master_____ ____. learned trait
Created by: AForbes
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