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LE 3.1a and 5.1b

Characteristics and Adaptation of Animals and Plants

1)Living things____ or go through changes that make them fit into thier enviorment better. Adapt
2) To fit into their enviorment and survive all living things must adapt or_____. go through changes
3)_____ is a living thing. Organism
4) Plants and animals are living things that are called _______. Organisms
5)One of the characteristics of animals is that they must _____ to their enviorment to survive. Adapt
6) A _____ kills and eats animals. Predator
7)Wings,legs, or fins help animals escape from _____. Predator
8) In the North Pole, rabbits change their black fur to white in winter to blend into thier envoirment this is best known as _____. Camouflage
9)The _____helps birds to obtain food. Claws
10) _____ help birds to fly away from predators and insulate them from ____. Wings, Cold
11) The fennec fox has large ears. These large ears provide a space for ____ to be released through the _____ heat skin
12) The large ears of the fennec fox show that it is most likely _____to live in _____ climate adapted hot
13) ____ ______ is most beneficial for an animal living on a _____ mountain thick fur snowy
14) The green sea turtles, which live in the Atlantic Ocean use its _____ to swim. flippers
15) Mammal with thick fur would be best fit for a ______ ______ cold environment
16)A liverwort does not have roots. It lives in a _______environment. moist
17) what is the main function of the scales on a fish_______ from_______. protection, predators
18) _____ are to fish as breathing air is to______. gills, humans
19)Migrating South are to _____ as prey are to_____. Birds, predators
20) Plants gather nutrients from the______. Soil
21) Animals who gather ______ from _______ other animals are called_______. Nutrients, killing, predators
22) All living things _______, ______,_______, _______, and eliminate waste. grow, take in nutrients, breathe, reproduce
23) Birds are to wings as _____ is to turtle. flippers
24) Flippers are to _____ as spots are to Leopards. turtles
25) Large ears are to ______ as migrating South are to _____. fennec fox, birds
26) All________ eliminate waste. living things
27) Non living things do not_____, ______, _____, or reproduce. grow, take in nutrients, eliminate waste
28)Turtles, Foxes and fishes are examples of ________ and boxes, cars, the Ocean are______. Living things, non living things
29)If an organism does not grow, take in nutrients, reproduce, or eliminates waste is not a _________. Living thing
30)what four things do all living organism need to do to be considered living______, _____, _______, and ________. grow, take in nutrients, eliminate waste and reproduce
Created by: AForbes