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LE 2.1a and 5.1a

Life Functions and Characteristic of Living Things

1. How do plants get water and minerals? from the soil
2. How do animals get nutrients from food
3. _____ are substances found in _____, that animals need to grow and thrive. nutrients food
4. Animals use nutrients to ____ and stay____ grow healthy
5. Plants need ____ _____ ______ _____ to grow and thrive. (hint-LAWN) light air water and nutrients
6. Animals need ____ _____ _____ to grow and thrive. (Hint WAF) Water Air food
7. The lions produced many ____ when they _____ cubs reproduce
8. A baby Lion is a ______ cub
9. _____ is the life function in which babies are produced. reproduction
10. From your study of life functions predict two life functions that both plants and animals need to live and thrive growth nutrition
11. Our world is made up of both ____ ___ and ____ ____things. (LE 1.1b and 1.1c) living things nonliving things
12.A flower pot is not a _____. (1.1c) living thing
13.A flower pot is not a living thing therefore it cannot_________ or grow reproduce
14. An organism is aso caled a ______. Living thing
15. In oder for animals to live and be 15. healthy they need______, _______, and ________ in food. Air, water, and nutrients
16. Scientist use common _______ to group living things. characteriscs
17. Animals use _____ for energy to _____ and stay_______. nutrients, grow, and healthy
18.All Plants need _______,______, ______, and ______. Light, Air, water, and nutrients
19. All living things cannot make thier own _____. Food
20. Animals release _______ when they exhale. Carbon dioxide
21. Non living things cannot _________ thier own kind. Reproduce
22.Cars need gasoline, water, and air to move but it is not a ______. living thing
23. Sunflowers produce _____ and grow into ______. seeds and sunflower plants
24. All animals die at the end of their ______. Life span.
25. A cat is to a ____ as a _____ is to a puppy. Name this life function. ____________ kitten, dog, reproduction.
26. All plants release ______. Animals and humans need ______ from the plants. waste products, oxygen
27. Animals cannot______ their own ________. make, food
28. Plants need water, air, nutrients and _____ to grow. Animals need _____, ______, and ______ to grow. light; air, water, and nutrients
29. A cow is to a _____as a bear is to a ____. Life function _____. calf, cub, reproduction
30. A hippopotamus is to a ______ as a horse is to a _______. Life function _____. calf, foal, reproduction
31. A fawn is to a ______ as a piglet is to a _____. Life function _____. deer, pig reproduction
32. A kit is to a ______ as a ______ is to a owlet. Life function _____. beaver, owl, reproduction
33.A kit is to a beaver as a ______ is to a owlet. Life function _____. owl, reproduction
34. A deer is to a fawn as a pig is to a _____. Life function _____. piglet, reproduction
35.A bear is to calf as a cow is to a ____. Life function _____ calf, reporoduction
36.Hippopotamus is to a calf as horse is to a _____. Life function _____ foal, Reproduction
37. A foal is to a horse as a _____ is to a beaver. Life function _____ kid reproduction
Created by: AForbes