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household items and day stuff

Term (japanese)Definition (english)
ie house
heya room
ima kitchen
reizouko refrigerator
otearai bathroom (polite)
toire bathroom
nagashidai sink
ofuro bath
ofuroba bath-room
yane roof
tenjou ceiling
kabe wall
yuka hardwood floor
doa door
mado window
hondana bookshelf
isu chair
beddo bed
tatami tatami
shouji sliding paper door
futon futon
terebi TV
rajio radio
tokei clock/watch
eakon air conditioning
sara plate
chawan bowl
koppu cup
garasu glass
ohashi chopsticks
houku fork
supuun spoon
naifu knife
teeburu table
kauchi couch
konpyuutaa computer
nichiyoubi sunday
getsuyoubi monday
kayoubi tuesday
suiyoubi wednesday
mokuyoubi thursday
kin'youbi friday
doyoubi saturday
senshuu last week
konshuu this week
raishuu next week
sensenshuu the week before last
saraishuu the week after next
sengetsu last month
kongetsu this month
raigetsu next month
sensengetsu the month before last
saraigetsu the month after next
kyou today
kinou yesterday
ashita tomorrow
ototoi the day before yesterday
asatte the day after tomorrow
kesa this morning
yoru night
yuube last night
Created by: Ouran46



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