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Name of baby animals

Name of baby animals (mac_t13)

bear cub
bird nestling
cat kitten
cow calf
dog puppy
duck duckling
elephant calf
fish fry
frog tadpole
giraffe calf
hen chicken
horse foal
lion cub
owl owlet
parrot chick
rabbit bunny
sheep lamb
goat kid
swan cygnet
goose gosling
antelope calf
alpaca cria
armadillo pup
bat pup
beaver pup or kitten
bee larva
pig piglet
camel calf
deer fawn
fox cub
gorilla infant
jellyfish ephyra
koala joey
leopard cub
hawk eyas
hare leveret
falcon chick
emu chick
eagle eaglet
cheetah cub
monkey infant
moose calf
mosquito wriggler
panda cub
parrot chick
penguin chick
platypus puggle
raccoon cub
reindeer calf
rhinoceros calf
shark pup
skunk kit
walrus cub or pup
whale calf
wolf pup or whelp
wombat joey
spider spiderling
ant antling
badger kit or cub
cockroach nymph
crane chick
crocodile hatchling
dinosaur hatching or juvenile
dove squab or chick
hedgehog piglet or pup
otter pup
ostrich chick
peacock peachick
seal pup
snake snakelet
turkey poult
turtle hatchling
butterfly caterpillar
eagle eaglet
moth caterpillar
tiger cub
wolf cub
emperor, empress prince, princess
father, mother son, daughter
king, queen prince, princess
man, woman, parent baby, child
Created by: mac_t13