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Third Grade Sight

Third Grade Sight Vocabulary(mac_t13)

about 大概 / 关于 I learned about Thanksgiving.
better 更好 / 较好 Do you feel better?
bring 带来 I will bring my paper home.
carry 带 / 携带 Carry the groceries to the car.
clean 清洁 Clean up your mess.
cut 切 I cut my finger.
done 完成 I am done with my work.
draw 画 He will draw a picture.
drink 喝 Get a drink from the fountain.
fall 跌 / 落/ 掉 / 下降 Don't fall off the jungle gym.
far 远 How far away is it?
full 满 The basket is full of apples.
got 有 He got sick.
grow 长 / 增长 The seed will grow into a plant.
hold 握住 Hold onto the railing.
hot 热 A hot coffee please?
hurt 受伤 / 伤害 I fell and hurt my leg.
if 如果 I will be happy if you play.
keep 保留 / 保存 Keep up the good work!
kind 亲切 Be kind to others.
laugh 笑 I heard them laugh at the joke.
light 光 Turn on the light.
long 长 Her hair is long.
much 多 How much does that cost?
myself 我自己 I hurt myself.
never 从来没有 I've never been to Disney World.
only 唯一 / 只 I only read two pages.
own 自己的 Use your own pencil.
pick 选 / 挑 / 采 / 摘 Pick a name from the hat.
shall What shall I wear?
show 演出 / 表演 / 显示 / 展览会 I will show you the picture.
small 小 My shoes are too small.
start 开始 / 启动 School will start soon.
today 今天 We have gym class today.
together 一起 Let's play together.
try 尝试 Please try to be quiet.
warm 温 / 温暖 The soup is warm.
Created by: mac_t13