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Second Grade Sight

Second Grade Sight Vocabulary (mac_t13)

always 一直 / 总是 / 向来 / 从来 I always raise my hand.
around 周围 / 四处 / 围绕 Walk around the school.
because 因为 I like school because it is fun.
been 一直 It has been raining for two days.
before 之前 / 先前 / 以往 Wash your hands before you eat.
best 最好的 That was the best time I ever had.
both 两 We both went for a walk.
buy 买 I buy bread from the bread shop.
call 呼叫 Please call me on the phone.
cold 冷 It was cold last nite.
does She does a good job.
don't 别 / 不要 Don't cut in line.
fast 快 He is fast.
first 第一 She is the first in the race.
found 找到 / 发现 I found my scissors in my desk.
gave 给 My mom gave me a snack.
goes 去 She goes to kindergarten.
its 它 The skunk lifts its tail.
made 做 I made my bed.
many 多 How many pets do you have?
off 关闭 Turn off the light.
or 或 Do you like chocolate or strawberry?
pull 拉 The horse will pull the carriage.
read 阅读 Which book shall I read?
right 右 / 对 That is the right answer.
sing 唱歌 Let's sing a song.
sit 坐 Please sit down.
sleep 睡觉 The baby will sleep in the crib.
tell 告诉 / 说 / 讲 Did you tell your dad?
their 他们的 The family got in their car.
these 这些 Do these books belong to you?
those 那些 Put those books on the desk.
upon Once upon a time there was a frog.....
us 我们 Read us a story.
use 用 / 使用 / 采用 Please use your spoon to eat.
very 很 I am very tired.
wash 洗 I will washthe dishes.
which 哪 / 哪一个 Which one is yours?
why 为什么 Why did you leave?
wish 希望 / 愿望 I wish it was time to go home.
work 工作 Finish your work.
would 将 What would you like for dinner?
write 写 Did you write in alphabet.
your 您的 I saw your teacher in the hall.
Created by: mac_t13