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Primer Sight

Primer Sight Vocabulary (mac_t13)

all 所有 I ate all my lunch.
am 是 I am a good student.
are 是 My friends are here.
at 在 I looked at the dog.
ate 吃 He ate his snack.
be 做 I will be kind.
but 但是 / 可是 I took a nap, but I am still tired.
came 来到 My cousins came for a visit.
did She did her homework.
do I will do my chores.
eat 吃 What did you eat for breakfast?
get 得到 / 获得
good 好 You did a good job!
have 有 I have a broken arm.
he 他 He is my friend.
into 进去 I walked into the store.
like 喜欢 I like my teacher.
must 要 / 必须 You must finish your work.
new 新 I moved to a new town.
no 不 My mom says the answer is no.
now 现在 We have Music now.
on 在 She sat on the swing.
our 我们的 Our family went on a trip.
out 外边 / 外面 I walked out of the classroom.
please 请 Can I please go to the party?
pretty 漂亮 My mom is pretty.
ran 跑 My cat ran away.
ride 骑 I went on a roller coaster ride.
saw 看 / 锯 He saw a ghost.
say 说 What did you say?
she 她 She is my friend.
so 所以 I am so hungry.
soon 快 / 不久 I will be done soon.
that 那个 I saw that show on TV.
there 那里 Put it over there.
they 他们 They always walk in the hall.
this 这 I found this on the floor.
too 也 / 太 I washed my hands too.
under 在下面 There is a monster under my bed.
want 要 I want a cookie.
was 是 He was running down the hall.
well 好 / 水井 I don't feel well.
went 去 We went to the movies.
what 什么 I don't know what to do.
who 谁 Who will be my friend?
will 将会 / 将要
with 同 / 一起 Can I play with you?
yes 是 Yes, I like using the computer.
Created by: mac_t13