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BLACKWELL Chapter 2 Business Law--Ethics

ethics Distinguishing between right & wrong in a reasoned & impartial manner.
impartiality Making decisions that treat everyone the same.
business ethics Principles of right/wrong used to make decisions regarding commercial transactions.
consequence-based reasoning Determining what is right & wrong based on the results of an action.
The "Good" A "standard" for judging right & wrong.
fundamental ethical rules Decision-making model that evaluates only the act, and not its consequences.
universalizing A mental test used to identify illogical/unethical actions.
moral rights Legitimate claims on other people, which flow from each person's status as a human being.
majority rule Ethical principle whereby rules/laws are adopted based on what is favored by the greatest number of people or their representatives.
civil rights Personal, human rights recognized & guaranteed by our Constitution.
integrity Doing what is right even under pressure to act otherwise.
civil disobedience Open, peaceful violation of a law to protest its alleged injustice.
fidelity bond Insurance policy that pays the employer money in the event of theft by employees.
scofflaw One who does not respect the law.
Created by: Knightcoach53