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Vocabulary words for test 2

にほん Japan
japan nihon
nihon japan
日本 Japan
United States amerika
アメリカ US
amerika america
イギリス england
igirisu england
england igirisu
italy itaria
itaria italy
イタリア italy
canada kanada
カナダ canada
south korea kankoku
kankoku south korea
かんこく south korea
singapore shingapooru
シンガポ-ル singapore
shingapooru singapore
spain supein
supein spain
スペイン spain
taiwan taiwan
たいわん taiwan
china chuugoku
chuugoku china
ちゅうごく china
germany doitsu
doitsu germany
ドイツ germany
brazil burashiri
burashiri brazil
ブラシリ brazil
france huransu
huransu france
フランス france
hong kong han kon
han kon hong kong
はんこん hong kong
mekishiko mexico
mexico mekishiko
メキシコ mexico
russia roshia
roshia russia
ロシア russia
kurasumeeto class mate
class mate kurasumeeto
クラスメ-ト class mate
friend tomodachi
tomodachi friend
トモダチ friend
daigakusee college student
college student daigakusee
大学生 college student
big, large
sun, day
book, orgin
learning, study
year, age
moon, month
main, person
100, many
earlier, ahead, future
日よう日 Sunday
学年 academic year
学こう school
名し name card
名まえ name
一学年 1st year student
二学年 2nd year student
何年生 what year student
何ですか what is it?
何ご What language?
月よう月 Monday
何月生まれ what month where you born in?
一月 January
日本人 japanese person
アメリカ人 an american
この人 this person
一年生 1st year student
一さい 1 year old
一つ 1 item/ 1 year old
二月 february
二つ two items/ two years old
三月 march
三年生 junior (3rd year student)
三つ three items/ three years old
四月 April
四年生 senior (4th year student)
四さい four years old
四つ four items/ four years old
五月 may
五さい five years old
五つ five items/five years old
六月 june
六さい six years old
六つ 6 items, six years old
六かい 6 times
七月 july
七さい 7 years old
7 years old 七さい
七つ 7 items, 7 years old
八月 august
八さい 8 years old
八つ 8 items, 8 years old
八かい 8 times
九月 september
九さい 9 years old
九つ 9 items, 9 years old
九じ 9:00
十月 october
十さい 10 years old
十かい 10th floor
百さい 100 years old
二百 200
三百 300
四百 400
六百 600
八百 800
先生 teacher
話します to speak
日本語 japanese language
えい語 english language
スペイン語 spanish language
何語 what language
US person アメリカ人
japanese person にほんじん
england person イギリス人
italy person イタリア人
canada person カナダ人
S. Korea person かんこく人
singapore person シンガポ-ル人
japanese language 日本語
English language えいご
Portuguese language ポルトガル語
name 名まえ
hometown, origin しゅつしん
major せんこう
academic department がくぶ
year in school がくねん
freshmen いちねんせい
sophomore にねんせい
junior さんねんせい
senior よねんせえ
graduate student だいがくいんせい
anthropology じんるいがく
art びじゅつ
biology せいぶつがく
chemistry かがく
computer science コンピュ-タ・サイエンス
economics けいざいがく
education きょういくがく
foriegn languages がいこくご
history れきしがく
law ほうがく
linguistics げんごがく
literature ぶんがく
mathematics すうがく
music おんがく
philosophy てつがく
physics べつりがく
political science せいじがく
sociology しゃかいがく
what is your name? おなめはなんですか
where are you from? ごしゅつしんはどちらですか
what country are you from? おくにはどちらですか
where do you live? おすまはどちらですか
How old are you? おとしはおいくつですか
what is your telephone number? おでんわばんごうはなんばんですか
my name is john kawamura なまえはジョン・カワムラです
my name is john kawamura simplified ジョン・カワムラです
1 year old is-sai
2 year old ni-sai
3 year old san-sai
4 year old yon-sai
5 year old go-sai
6 year old roku-sai
7 year old nana-sai
8 year old has-sai
9 year old kyuu-sai
10 years old jus-sai
11 years old juu-is-sai
12 years old juu-ni-sai
20 years old ni-jus-sai
25 years old ni-juu-go-sai
46 years old yon-juu-roku-sai
99 years old kyuu-juu-kyuu-sai
100 years old hyaku-sai
1 year old japan system hitotsu
2 year old japan system hutatsu
3 year old japan system mittsu
4 year old japan system yottsu
5 year old japan system itsutsu
6 year old japan system muttsu
7 year old japan system nanatsu
8 year old japan system yattsu
9 year old japan system kokonotsu
10 year old japan system too
20 year old japan system hatachi
january ichi-gatsu
february ni-gatsu
march san-gatsu
april shi-gatsu
may go-gatsu
june roku-gatsu
july shichi-gatsu
august hachi-gatsu
september ku-gatsu
october juu-gatsu
november juu-ichi-gatsu
december juu-ni-gatsu
what month is it this month kongetsu wa nan-gatsu desu ka.
it is october juu-gatsu desu
what month were you born in mr. kawamura kawamura-san wa nan-gatsu umare desu ka.
I was born in april shi-gatsu u mare desu
administration office (inside a building) じむしつ
building ビル
jikkenshitsu laboratory
ryoo dormitory
laboratory jikkenshitsu
dormitory ryoo
nichiyoobi sunday
getsuyoobi monday
sunday nichiyoobi
monday getsuyoobi
tuesday kayoobi
wednesday suiyoobi
mokuyoobi thursday
thursday mokuyoobi
friday kin'yoobi
saturday doyoobi
what day of the week is it? Nan'yoobi desu ka.
academic year gakunen
name namae
hometown susshin
major senkoo
graduate student daigakuinsee
telephone number denwabangoo
professors office kenkyuushitsu
administrative office jimushitsu
laboratory jikkenshitsu
who dare
where toko
where (polite) tochira
who (polite) tonata
what nani, nan
what language nanigo
what nationality nanijin
what month nangatsu
how old nansai
what year in school nanensai
what day of the week nanyoobi
that place over there azoco
that place over there (polite) achira
that... over there ano
that thing over there are
this place here koko
this place here (polite) kochira
kono this
kore this thing
this kono
this thing kore
negative of desu informal ja arimasen
that place there soko
that place there polite sochira
that sono
that thing sore
to be desu
negative of desu formal de wa arimasen
which... dono
which thing dore
too mo
I watashi
who is this person? konohito wa dare desu ka
that's mrs. brown. sono hito wa buraun-san desu.
is she your classmate at the university daigaku no kurasumeeto desu ka
yes, thats right. hai, soo desu.
what country are you from? o-kuni wa dochira desu ka
i am from america amerika desu
what language do you speak? nanigo o hanashimasu
I speak english eego o hanashimasu
this is mrs. mei-lin chin kono hito wa chin meirin-san desu
is mrs. chin chinese chin-san wa chuugoku-jin desu ka
yes, that's right. she speaks chinese. hai, soo desu. chuugoku-go o hanashimasu
is that japanese food or chinese food are wa nihon ryoori desu ka, chuugoku ryoori desu ka
is this a fountain pen or ballpoint pen kore wa mannenhitsu desu ka boorupen desu ka
I am a student in the department of literature watashi wa bungakubu no gakusee desu.
mr. kawamura is a junior in the engineering department kawamura-san wa koogakubu no sannensai desu
where are you from mrs. brown? buraun-san no go-susshin wa doko desu ka
I'm from boston bosuton no shusshin desu
what year student are you nannensee desu ka
i'm a junior sannensee desu
what is your major senkoo wa nan desu ka
it's history rekishigaku desu
where are you from go-susshin wa doko desu ka
I'm from seattle shiatoru desu
What year are you in nannensee desu ka
I'm a sophmore ninensee desu
what is your major senkoo wa nan desu ka
it's biology seebutsugaku desu
what is your name o-name wa nan desu ka
what country are you from o-kuni wa dochira desu ka
where do you live o-sumai wa dochira desu ka
how old are you o-toshi wa na ni desu ka
my name is john kawamura namae wa jon kawamura desu
(simply) my name is john kawamura jon kawamura desu
may i have your name o-name wa
may I have your phone number o-denwa bangoo wa
excuse me. would you repeat that. summimasen. moo ichido o-negai-shimasu.
excuse me. would you say that slowly summimasen. yukkuri o-negai shimasu.
excuse me. where is the libary. summimasen. toshokan wa doko desu ka
its over there asoko desu
where is the literature department? bungakubu wa doko desu ka
it's on the third floor of that building ano biru no san-kai desu
which one is mr. kawamura's book dore ga kawamura-san no hon desu ka
this is mr. kawamura's book kore ga kawamura-san no hon desu.
which person is mrs. brown. dono hito ga biraun-san desu ka.
that person is mrs. brown. ano hito ga biraun-san desu.
this is a book are wa hon desu.
is that a book are wa hon desu ka
that person is not mr. kawamura. ano hito wa kawamura-san dewa arimasen
whose ball point pen is this kore wa dare no boorupen desu ka
it's mine watashi no desu
is that your ballpoint pen, too are mo gibuson-san no boorupen desu ka
no, it's ms. machida's iie, are wa machida-san no desu
professor yokoi. let me introduce you to some one. this is ms. laura hill. ms. hill is my classmate at my american university. yokoi-sensee, go-shookai shimasu. kochira wa roora hiru-san desu. hiru-san wa amerika no daigaku no kurasumeeto desu.
ms. hill it's nice to meet you. hiru-san, hajimemashite. doozo yoroshiku.
likewise it's nice to meet you kochira koso. doozo yoroshiku.
mr. hayashi let me introduce my friend to you. this is laura hill. she is my classmate at my american university. hayashi-san, tomodachi o shookai shimasu. roora hiru-san desu. amerika no daigaku no kurasumeeto desu.
mrs. hill nice to meet you. I am hayashi. I have heard a lot about you from ms. brown. hiru-san, hajimemashite. hayashi desu. buraun-san kara yoku kiite imasu.
nice to meet you I'm hill. hajimemashite. hiru desu.
allow me to introduce myself. I am john kawamura of the university of tokyo. I am from Los Angeles. I am a junior. it's nice to meet you. jikoshookai sasete itadakimasu. tookyoo daigaku no jon kawamura desu. rosanzerusu no shusshin desu. senkoo wa koogaku desu. sannensee desu. doozo yoroshiku.
I am a student of professor yokoi. yokoi-sensee no gakusee desu
I am a classmate of ms. brown. biraun-san no kurasumeeto desu
My introduction jikoshookai sasete itadakimasu. Texas state no kodii jakuson. new braunfels no susshin desu. senkoo wa shinrigaku desu. san-nennsee desu. doozo yoroshiku.
introduce my friend. ben-san go-shookai shimasu. kochira wa ben maaninri-san desu. ben-san wa acc no kurasumeto desu. ni-nennensee desu. osumai wa nnsu oosumengo su. doozo yoroshiku.
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