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Lesson 5-14

ttmik level 1

이에요 Final consonant. “am” “are” or “is”
예요 Only vowel. “am” “are” or “is”
이거 this, this one
this (near you)
the / that (near the other person)
that (over there)
거 or 것 thing, item, stuff, fact
이것 or 이거 this thing, this item, this one
그것 or 그거 the thing, the item, that one, it
저것 or 저거 that thing over there
아니에요 to be not, it is not, you are not
은 / 는 topic marking particles. lets others know what the topic is.“about” something, “as for” something, or even “unlike other things” or “different from other things.”
Words ending with a last consonant.
Words ending with a vowel.
이 / 가 subject marking particles. “none other than” “nothing but” marking the subject without emphasizing it too much.
Words ending with a last consonant
Words ending with a vowel
주세요 Please give me
맛있어요 It’s tasty. It’s delicious
맛없어요 It’s not tasty. It’s not delicious. It tastes awful
잘 먹겠습니다 I am going to eat well
잘 먹을게 when you joke that your friend should buy you food, which implies that you are thanking them because they are going to treat you.
잘 먹었습니다 I have eaten well
-고 싶어요 I want to ...
Created by: qwan91