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Cubangbang #129273

Cubangbang's 7thA Ch.23 Natural Resources Stack #129273

• Agriculture The growing of crops and livestock
• Air pollution A condition of liquids, gases and small particles that are released into the atmosphere, resulting in harm to the environment
• Biodegradable pollutant A pollutant that is capable of being broken down by the environment
• Birthrate The rate at which members are born into a population
• Conservation The preservation and wise use of natural resources
• Crop rotation Periodically changing the crops grown in a field to prevent the decrease of soil minerals
• Death rate The rate at which members of a population die
• Domesticated organism A living thing that man raises primarily for his own use
• Endangered Species A species that may soon become extinct
• Energy pollutant any energy that pollutes an ecosystem
• Euthanasia The killing of a person who is old or very sick
• Extinct Refers to species that are no longer existing
• Farming The growing of organisms to supply human needs
• Fertilizer A substance that contains mineral needed by plants
• Fossil fuel Energy source that is a product of plants and animals that once lived on the earth
• Game laws Laws that regulate hunting, fishing and trapping activities by imposing limits, weapon restrictions and similar controls
• Hazardous substance Chemicals that can harm living things
• Hazardous waste A hazardous substance that’s discarded
• Human population Number of people living on earth at on time
• Natural resource A natural occurring material that is use and valuable to humans
• Nonbiodegradable pollutant A pollutant that can’t be broken down by living organisms
Nonrenewable Cannot be replaced
• No-Till Agriculture Results in crop residue and reduced erosion, improving the soil
• Recycle To use again
• Renewable Can be replaced
• Sewage A substance consisting of biodegradable wastes and water
• Substance pollutant Solid, liquid or gas that pollutes an ecosystem
• Trash Solid waste material that’s useless or unwanted
• Water pollution Foreign substances that are added to water
Created by: jcubangbang