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Cubangbang #129271

Cubangbang's 7thA Ch. 21 Ecosystem Stack #129271

Ecology the study of organisms in their habitats
Ecosystem a limited area in which living and nonliving things interact
Abiotic community and Biotic community the two major parts that make up an ecosystem
Abiotic community the nonliving factors in an ecosystem
Biotic community the living organisms is an ecosystem
Niche the role or function of an organism in its environment
Light, temperature, water, soil and substrate, and wind or current the five major abiotic factors in most ecosystems
Water cycle a continuous movement of water from the atmosphere to the earth and back to the atmosphere
Habitat the place where an organism lives
Climax community a relatively stable community in the succession of organisms in an area
Succession a predictable series of changes that occur in biotic communities as they progress toward a climax community
Population all the members of one kind of organism living in a particular ecosystem
Circadian rhythm a regular fluctuation in a living organism that repeats on a 24
Producer organisms and Consumer organisms the population in a biotic community can be divided into two groups, what are those two groups
Producer organisms an organism that manufactures its own food
Consumer organisms an organism that uses food manufactured by other organisms
Nitrogen cycle the process by which nitrogen moves, in various compounds, through biotic and abiotic communities as it is used and reused
Nocturnal active at night
Diurnal active during the day
Seasonal Rhythm a change that takes place annually in an ecosystem
Hibernation a dormant state involving a slowing of life processes; permits certain animals to survive winter conditions
Farmer’s field, school yard, and golf course 3 artificial or manmade ecosystems
Created by: jcubangbang