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Scientific Method

Scienctific Method Terminology

scientific method an organized set of steps to follow
hypothesis prediction or possible answer to a scientific question
variable a factor that changes in an experiment
dependent variable the variable that is being observed or measured and lies on the y-axis in a graph
independent variable the variable that is purposely changed and tested and lies on the x=axis during an experiment
constant a factor in an experiment that does no change
control a standard to which all results are compared
bias an opinion favoring one side or another; a predisposition that affects how all results are perceived.
model a physical representation of an idea, theory, of object
theory an attempt to explain something
scientific law describes a natural phenomenon , often mathematically based; much accumulated evidence, appears to be without exception
technology applied science
experiment to test one variable against another under controlled conditions
data information collected during the experiment (numbers, measurements, observations)
inference assumptions about observations based on past experiences and knowledge
observation information or facts obtained by using the five senses
scientific theory summarizes a set of hypothesis supported with repeated testing; has yet to be disproven
subjective data opinionated, possibly bias; influenced by personal feelings or experiences
objective data data that can be verified with concrete facts and figures; unbiased
scientific investigation the process scientists use to find answers about the natural world
descriptive investigation an investigation used to gather and describe data
experimental investigation an investigation used to find the cause of an event
observation a way to gather information using your senses
prediction a statement of what a scientist thinks will happen based on an observation
graph picture/visual format for displaying data; major tool for communicating ABA results
vertical axis represents target behavior/dependent variable;
horizontal axis Passage of time, whole units/ independent variable
linear graph a line graph in which the data points yield a straight line
nonlinear graph a line graph in which the data points do not yield a straight line
significant figures all the digits in a measurement that have been measured exactly plus one digit whose value has been estimated
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